Monday, March 18, 2019

Dose of Disney: Flower & Garden Festival 2019 Review

It is Flower & Garden season people! On my recent trip to Disney World I went to the opening weekend of Flower & Garden Festival, which was nuts. But, I have reviews and thoughts on everything that I want to share with you all. Whether you are planning a trip to the festival or thinking about going next year, this post will show you some of my highlights from the festival. 


I am always a huge fan of the food at the Flower & Garden Festival. I am not much of a drinker, so I cannot really speak to the alcoholic beverages, but I did get my all time favorite cocktail of course! I got some new items as well as my favorites while I was at the festival.... 

Frushi | Frushi is one of my FAVORITE things at the festival. It is so refreshing and tasty. I am a huge fruit fan so this dessert was made for me. Each frushi comes with 3 pieces and I devoured all three. In the past my mom and I would split one but we each got our own this year because we both love it so much. It has strawberry, cantaloupe, and pineapple surrounded by sweet coconut rice. So tasty! For sure one of my top picks at the festival if you want something sweet. 

Beef Tips | If you are looking for a savory steak option look no further then the beef tips in Canada. It comes with beef tips, mashed potatoes, veggies, covered in a sauce. Normally, I am not a sauce person, but this sauce didn't bother me! I ate around the veggies because I am 4 years old, but if you like veggies I'm sure you would enjoy those as well. Overall, this is a great option to fill you up, for sure less of a snack and more of a meal option.

La Vie En Rose | This is my favorite alcoholic beverage, I think ever. It's sweet without being too sweet, plus it's frozen! It's a win-win really. Plus can we talk about how perfectly pink it is. Overall, if you were to pick one alcoholic drink from the festival this would be my pick!

Orange Cream Slush | This drink for sure wins for the cuteness factor. I mean look at it!! The line for this little guy was crazy long, but it went by pretty fast. For sure would say that it is hardcore creamsicle flavor. So, if you don't like orange I would not recommend this. It was honestly super rich for a fruity style drink, but it had a lot of cream flavor to it as well. To be honest I mainly got it for the little Orange Bird sipper. But, I did enjoy the drink itself! 

Citrus Cake | At the same stand as the orange cream slush was a citrus cake which was super tasty! It was light and airy and super citrusy. Again, if you are an orange fan I would recommend this dessert!

Beef Tips and Pork Belly Slider |  This slider located in America was soooooo good! I am a huge bbq fan so I was loving this little sandwich. I ended up eating it with a fork because it was a little messy to eat as a true sandwich. It had some sort of cheese sauce along with pulled pork belly, and beef tips.

Violet Lemonade | Did you really go to the Flower & Garden Festival if you didn't have Violet Lemonade? This is by far the highlight of the festival. I don't know what is in the stuff but it is so damn good. It's a magical lemonade! This is a can't miss drink at the festival.


This year the festival had some new and old topiaries for Flower & Garden Festival. My favorite new topiaries were for sure the Muppets topiaries in France. Kermit and Miss Piggy were killing the game! My two favorite returning topiaries were Belle & the Beast plus the Three Caballeros. If I'm being honest though, I did not like the butterflies at the front of the festival. I prefer last years display with all of the classic characters out front. Although the butterflies were pretty last year near the tent, I just didn't think they made for a grand entrance. I didn't even stop to take a picture in front of them or of them! I also wasn't a huge fan of the Mickey and Minnie heart topiary near the entrance to the countries. It was just kind of boring to me, and the hearts didn't really make sense to me. Plus there was another Mickey & Minnie topiary in the America Pavillion. I would have rather seen a different character represented rather then doubling up on characters. Per usual I still loved the rows of flowers near the little pond outside of the countries. I loved that there was a Mickey shape thrown in there too! It always makes for gorgeous photos. 


Based on the name you can conclude that there are flower and gardens at this festival, which are kind of underrated to be honest. I've always loved flowers and this festival has a ton to see! One of my favorite gardens is the tea garden in the U.K. pavilion. In this garden you can find facts about how tea is made and the ingredients that go into different Twinnings teas! Plus there are other garden areas that show off ingredients in foods around the world, a butterfly garden, and many others. Be sure to check out some of the garden exhibits to get the full Flower & Garden Festival experience. 


The merchandise at this years festival was on fire!! From violet lemonade merchandise to classic garden inspired styles the merch was on point this year. One of my favorite pieces was the violet lemonade ears I'm wearing above. They feature lemon slices, purple flowers, and of course lots of glitter. I also picked up the violet lemonade jersey, which is perfect to wear around the house or at the festival on a cool day. For a more garden feel they have a Minnie Mouse range in light shades of pink and green, again I picked up the spirit jersey. I love a good spirit jersey! I also opted for the Tervis options which included a Minnie garden theme and a Figment passholder Tervis. 

There is a whole area where you can shop all of the festival merchandise, including the passholder exclusives! At the Garden Terrace you can see all of the merchandise in one place, which I loved. It made it so easy to make decisions on what I wanted to pick up. 

In terms of passholder exclusives there were quite a few offerings. There is more merchandise coming out I believe April 11th, so be sure to check back on that date to see even more merchandise from the festival. I particularly liked the limited edition pins from the festival! Again, you can find the passholder exclusive items at the Garden Terrace which is closest to the Mexico Pavilion on your way out of the future world area. 

What are your thoughts on the festival this year? Let me know in the comments! 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dose of Disney: Mickey True Original Exhibition

The Mickey True Original Exhibit has officially wrapped in NYC, but I still wanted to share some of the snapshots I took while at the exhibit. I was lucky enough to be in town for work while the exhibit was still up. I went on a weekday at around 7pm and it was EMPTY! Honestly, I think I picked the perfect time to go. In photos I saw of others at the exhibit it was packed wall to wall. So, I'm glad I basically had the exhibit to myself. 

Although I went by myself, I will give hats off to the staff of the exhibit. They were so nice and took all of the photos for me! Plus, gave me multiple angles. It was for sure not their first time taking an Instagram worthy photo let me tell you. 

The exhibit itself was so cool! From contemporary art inspired by Mickey to memorabilia from Mickey Mouse Club there was a little bit of everything. Personally, I loved these neon Mickey signs and the giant Mickey printed wall. So many great photo ops! But, I also loved looking at the vintage Mickey items and of course all of the fashion pieces inspired by the big mouse himself.  

Natrually, I had to dress for the occasion, I brought two different Mickey inspired looks. The first was this fun black blazer from Nordstrom paired with a Mickey beret from the Forever 21 Mickey 90 collection. Then I threw on a Mickey sweatshirt from Primark that I picked up in the U.K. complete with a pair of Minnie ears. 

The giftshop itself had some super cool merchandise as well! I built my own t-shirt including patches and screen prints that you could pick from. Not to mention since it was close to the exhibit closing their merchandise was on sale! From pins to pens they had a ton of cool giftable items marked down. I stocked up for my family and myself. 

And of course I had to snap a selfie with the Chicago Blackhawks Mickey plush! But, overall I had such a great experience at this exhibit. If Disney ever creates another exhibit like this I highly recommend checking it out if you can! It was very well done and the staff was super friendly and fun.

Were you able to check out the Mickey 90 exhibit? Let me know in the comments if you did! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tale as Old as Time Afternoon Tea

Tale as old as time, true as it can be! Yes, a Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea actually exists and I am living for it. A while back my bestie and I traveled to London and I am just now getting to writing a bunch on content on what we did and saw while we were there! As you may know I studied abroad in London so London holds a really special place in my heart. It is my favorite city in the world and I never get tired of it, and always miss it. 

One of the magical things we did while in London in October was attend an afternoon tea at the Kensington House in South Kensington. The hotel was super close to our hotel so it was the perfect location. While I was studying abroad I actually walked past the hotel and thought it looked so gorgeous, but never went inside. Let me say it did not disappoint!

The lobby feels super intimate and they have a little cafe with big cozy chairs. For afternoon tea we headed to the back of the lobby to the greeter. We waited for a few minutes in the little cafe area then were shown our table. 

The tea included so much food and of course tea. If you aren't a tea person you could swap tea for a hot chocolate or even a fountain drink. But, the food was delicious! It was a mixture of traditional afternoon tea bits like sandwiches along with some treats and pastries. 

The best part was everything was themed Beauty and the Beast! Complete with a Cogsworth clock little dessert and an enchanted rose like clear jelly. 

To say the tea was Instagram-worthy is an understatement. It was a Beauty and the Beast fan's dream! Just goes to show you don't have to be in Disney to find some Disney magic. 

I hope you enjoyed these snapshots from my afternoon tea! Sadly, the tea has been discontinued by the hotel. But, be on the lookout in case they every bring it back. If you ever find yourself in London I highly recommend doing an afternoon tea one day. You're bound to love it! 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Purple Trail Planner Review

If you know me then you know I LOVE planners. Planing and planners is a major hobby of mine. It's my way of crafting and being creative but also helping with my organization. I worked with Purple Trail to customize a planner to review. 

I ended up with a daily planner that has a place to schedule your morning, afternoon, and evening. It also has a spot for to-dos as well as a don't forget column! If daily planners aren't for you they also have weekly planner options as well. Not only can you pick between daily or weekly, you can also select how many months are included in your planner, plus the size. To make a planner for easy travel I chose the smaller size. But, if you plan on keeping your planner on your desk or have a bigger bag you could go with the larger size.

I've found that this system really keeps me organized as a work planner. The structure allows me to map out appointments and to-do's based on when they are happening/ when I want to get them done. Then I have a running total of my to-dos on the side column. If you have a busy schedule I think this planner set up would do wonders for you. 

The best part about Purple Trail is that you can totally customize your planner and other stationery goods. I opted for this cute marble patterned cover, but there are so many others to choose from! From photos, monograms, to colors you can really create something that is unique to you.

What is your go-to planner style? I love weekly and daily set ups! Let me know in the comments. 

This post was sponsored by Purple Trail. Purple Trail sent me complimentary product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. Thank you to brands like Purple Trail for supporting Sew Cute Style! 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Valentine's Date Ideas

It's time for Valentine's Day folks! Which means you can break the boring just dinner date cycle this year. I've put together a few fun date ideas for you to do with your boo....

Movie Night In | I'm sorry but nothing beats a lazy night in, even on Valentine's Day. Complete your movie night in with a new movie from Red Box or another rental service. Set up a bunch of blankets and pillows to create a cozy setting. Don't forget some candles and fresh flowers for added romance. Oh la la! Obviously, you can't forget the snacks. Create a spread of chocolate covered strawberries, popcorn, and candy to complete your movie viewing. If you want to be super extra, get a projection screen and project your movie onto a wall in your place. 

Dinner and a Show | Mix up a normal dinner and go to a show afterwards. Whether you find a concert, play, musical, or even going to a movie at the theater adding a show to your date adds an extra element to your evening. 

Ice Skating | If you don't live in Chicago where it is -100000 degrees outside try going ice skating with your sweetie! I always love ice skating with my boyfriend. It's a fun different activity that gets you moving but can also be romantic. Be sure to pack gloves and hats to stay warm. 

Pamper Night | Okay, as much as guys won't admit it, everyone loves to get pampered. Bust out some face masks, smoothies, and moisturizers to get your skin and mind refreshed.  For an extra fun element wear little cucumber slices on your eyes, because why not? 

Cook a Gourmet Meal | Skip the restaurant and build your meal together! Get a nice cut of meat and prepare sides and appetizers to go along with it. It will be a fun activity to do together, plus you'll have an amazing meal afterwards. Try a new recipe or opt for a meal box like Hello Fresh to make things easier. Complete your tablescape with a fun table cloth, fresh flowers, and candles to make things extra special. 

And for my single ladies, you can do any of these with your Galentine's too. Valentine's Day single actually kind of rocks. Plus you can be the first to get to Target to get the candle on sale!! Let me know your Valentine's Day plans in the comments! 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Easy Valentine's Day Gifts

bottle of alcohol or wine | Valentine's Day candy
monogrammed tray | restaurant gift card

Valentine's Day gifts can be tricky sometimes. But, I wanted to create a simple list of gifts that would work for your boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever! They are super simple and easy and will making gifting for your loves that much easier. 

First, let's talk about treats, drinks, and food. I mean who doesn't love getting food? No one. Valentine's Day can be as simple as a little box of chocolates from Target. It doesn't need to be anything crazy! But, if you do want something a little more unique try Sugarfina for some fun candy boxes, a cupcake or pastry from a local bakery or a place like Sprinkles Cupcakes, or even a bottle of their favorite wine or liquor. Another food option is a gift card to their favorite restaurant! There is nothing like the gift of food. 

Next up, personalized gifts. Mark and Graham has some really cool options like monogrammed wine glasses, trays, or leather accessories. All these options are neutral and come in different color and customization options. 

For a more personal gift I love going to Image 3D to create custom viewers. You can create your own slides with photos of your sweetie, family, or gal pals. I've given a new slide to my boyfriend for different occasions and I've had great experience with the site! Plus it is a super cool and unique gift that no one else will have. I'm personally a sucker for a good photo, so Frame Bridge is also a good option to create customized gifts. They are having some deals for Valentine's Day right now so it's a great time to buy! Use think link to get 15% off your purchase! 

What are your go-to Valentine's Day gifts? Let me know in the comments! At the end of the day Valentine's Day is to show your love to your loved ones. Don't stress about gifts! As long as it comes from the heart that's all that matters.