Wednesday, April 24, 2019

OOTD: It's not easy being green

I am a loyal Aerie fan through and through. So, for this trip I only packed Aerie swimsuits! This is one of three swim suits that I packed for my trip. Can we talk about this gorgeous silhouette? It is super flattering, not to cheeky, and has some really cute details. 

I'm a big fan of underwire swimsuits. They give you support, not that I need all that much, but also give me some vintage kind of vibes. This style isn't a push up, but Aerie does offer some styles that are. Overall, I have loved every Aerie swim suit I have purchased! Plus they are always on sale which is great. This girl does not pay full price let me tell you. 

I styled the swimsuit with a simple pair of pearl studs plus this super cute Liberty print headband from J. Crew. This trip I was really stepping up my pool style. I added more accessories and didn't just run down to the pool. Honestly it was kind of fun to dress up my swimsuits more then usual! 

Had to include these shots of me with my giant coconut drink. This drink was 99% for the photos and 1% for the taste. It actually didn't taste terrible, but it was super heavy and I didn't want to carry it around! 

Where it's from: 
Swimsuit: Aerie 
Headband: J. Crew 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Where is your favorite place to buy swimsuits? Let me know your favorites in the comments! 

Monday, April 22, 2019

OOTD: Leaf Lady

Hola from Mexico! Well, I'm back from Mexico but I just spent the weekend in Cancun celebrating a friends wedding. So, there are a ton of tropical looks coming to Instagram and the blog soon. I wanted to share this top today because it is currently on sale for under $10! Such a good deal! 

The top is cropped, but not super cropped, and has a fun tie front. With an off the shoulder fit it's perfect for summer or for a tropical vacay like mine. I wore it a more casual dinner at night and it worked out so well! Being in jeans at night is key to avoid getting a million mosquito bites since the night before I got about 18 of them. Yikes! None the less I loved this look for an evening at the resort. 

I also have to talk about these wedges! These Tory Burch wedges are so comfortable and flattering. I've worn them with jeans, dresses, skirts, really anything. They aren't super tall which makes them super comfortable. I even walked in the sand in them and had no issues. This style is available at Bloomingdales still so be sure to scoop them up. These are my go-to neutral wedge for the summer. 

I accessorized the look with this fun straw bag which was the perfect size. It also has a detachable crossbody for more comfort. Adding a fun glitter pink hoop earring was a fun touch! I love adding a good statement earring. They have been my favorite recent accessory. 

Where it's from: 
Jeans: Paige Denim 
Earrings: J. Crew 
Wedges: Tory Burch
Sunglasses: Ray Bans 

There will be a ton of new Mexico posts coming soon! Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to see in the comments below. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

How I edit & plan my Instagram photos!

This year I am doing my Instagram a little differently. If you couldn't tell I am focusing on a different color each month! So far, I did red in January, pink in February, and blue in March. I thought this would be a fun challenge to make me think of different outfits using pieces focusing on a certain color. Also, it would challenge me to wear new colors and colors I normally don't wear all year. Creating a color coded Instagram has forced me to also plan content a little more carefully. There are a few ways I do this which ties into how I edit my photos. 
Planning | My first step to create this color coding idea was to establish a color for each month. In my notes section on my phone I thought about what color I saw representing each month. Some of them were obvious like pink being for February. But, other months I had to get a little more creative. After I established each month's color I went back through my old photos and started collecting pictures that would fit into each month. I created folders on my computer to keep each month's photos. This has kept me super organized, plus it helps me visualize how each month's feed will look. 

Another part of planning is scheduling out my feed. I use the AColorStory app's Grid feature to do this. I used to use Later, but I found AColorStory is much more flexible and has a lot more features! AColorStory lets you shuffle your pictures around to create your feed, plus lets you set a time to remind you to post. This helps me plan out my feed and remind me to post content! In addition, you can edit your photos through AColorStory and they have some great filters and effects. Unlike Later AColorStory doesn't limit how many photos you can plan out. So, I can see how my feed will look months at a time. 

Content Creating | Along with planning comes creating my content! I have a running notes page in my phone of photo ideas I want to do. This can include outfit ideas, photo locations, whatever! Particularly, if I am going on a trip I like to plan out my outfits and photo ideas. For example, when I was planning my outfits for Disney I had all of the colors for each month in mind when outfit planning. I had a wide range of outfits so I had content for months to come. I go to Disney often, but not every month or week like some. So, I have to be a little more strategic when outfit planning so I have Disney content all year round. Then for a trip like Mexico, I knew what color I was planning for April. So, I bought some new pieces in this color story to wear for my trip. Then also planned on wearing older pieces in new ways for the trip. Like I said, its really challenged me to be creative and come up with new combinations for old pieces in my featured colors.  

Editing | In a world full of bloggers selling pre-sets it can be hard to decide which one works for you, or what you want your Instagram theme to look like. A while back I found some free pre-sets through Pinterest and I've been tweaking and using them ever since. You can find pre-sets on Pinterest simply by searching free LightRoom presents. In a way I create my own pre-sets based off of existing pre-sets. So, they aren't completely mine but I tailor them to make them exactly what I want. For example I start with a free preset then adjust the brightness, change it to be cooler or warmer, and change the exposure to customize it! From there I save my own "customized" pre-set through Lightroom through the create pre-set tool. This way I can save it and automatically apply it to all of my photos. I bounce around from a darker pre-set to a lighter and brighter pre-set depending on the time of year. Currently I am using a pre-set I made from my Hawaii trip. It's much brighter and happier, which is perfect for spring. Another Adobe app I use is Adobe Sketch which allows you to draw fun paint strokes onto your photos. You may see this affect on some of my photos. 

Just goes to show you don't have to spend $100+ to have pre-sets or a cohesive feed. All of this is done in LightRoom which is an Adobe program for editing photos. LightRoom does cost money, which I know not everyone wants to spend on a photo editing program. So, there are a few free editing tools I would recommend. 

I love the AColorStory filters available through their app. Some are free and others you pay for. You can get filter packs for around $2.99 which includes multiple filters you can use! I particularly like the new Noelle Downing filter pack I AM. It has the similar look to a lot of the big blogger's pre-set packs but doesn't require LightRoom and are under $5. This is a great option if you don't want to spend a ton of money but still get warm toned filters for your photos. Other free apps I like to use are A Design Kit and PicsArt to add fun affects and decorations to my photos! There are a ton of free resources to use out there so don't feel pressured to use expensive presets to create your feed. 

One thing I think people loose sight of on Instagram is that it is a creative outlet first. Be creative and be unique! Don't use the same preset everyone uses, stand out and create your own unique way of editing. I've slowly come to the attitude of doing whatever I want on Instagram. Likes don't matter, what matters is you are having fun and creating content that makes you happy. Having people like it is just a cherry on top of the cake. I remember having Instagram back in 2010 and nobody was on it. I just posted random photos using Instagram's filters. I still have those photos on my feed (if you really want to scroll through all of my pictures you can see them!). I'm not someone who deletes all of my photos to start over. It's fun to look back and see how far I've come and how much the app has evolved. Plus, someone has to document all of my hilarious #ootd photos from high school right? 

I hope this post has helped you gain some new tips and ideas for Instagram! What are your favorite editing tips? Let me know in the comments! 

Friday, April 5, 2019

What I'm Packing for Mexico

straw handbag | green dress (sold out) | floral off the shoulder top 
olive skirt | tropical wrap dress (sold out) | white denim shorts (sold out) 

It's almost time to head to Mexico! I'll be in Cancun for a long weekend trip for a friends wedding and I am so excited to celebrate them all weekend. I'm also excited to wear all of the tropical print things and I'll be serving some major tropical vibes. 

If you've been following my Instagram, I'm picking a new color to focus on each month and April will be green *spoiler alert*. So, all of my Mexico outfits have a green theme. I'm planning on wearing this eyelet green dress to the wedding, then wearing this fun palm dress for dinner one night. I picked up two new swimsuits from Aerie for the occasion, and plan on wearing some old suits as well. P.S. these swim suits are on major sale, so you should go pick them up too! 

For accessories, I'm focusing on straw bags like this super affordable bag from Red Dress Boutique. I got it on crazy sale, and it is super cute! When it comes to a beach bag I'm bringing my clear Stoney Clover Lane tote bag with some fun pouches to go with it. Then for jewelry I'm bringing all of the palm leaf earrings, tassel statement pieces, and stackable bracelets. 

What are your go-to pieces for a tropical getaway? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Sew Cute Travels: LA Snapshots

Last month I went to LA for work and found some time to explore around the city! I headed to The Beverly Hills Hotel and Rodeo Drive to get a dose of Hollywood glamour. Let me tell you, just when you think you are doing well you go to a place like this. Although underdressed, I had a relaxing afternoon strolling down the streets looking into high end boutiques and people watching. Here are a few of my snapshots from my trip to Beverly Hills.... 

Stopped at Alfred Coffee in Beverly Hills for a tea and to sit and relax. I roasted in the sun, but the tea was very good! Plus they had cute little Band.o drink covers with some inspiring quotes on them. 

One of my main reasons for venturing out into Beverly Hills was to see the The Beverly Hills Hotel. They have an exclusive collection with Stoney Clover Lane, so naturally I had to make the trip to pick up a few pieces. You can only get these Stoney Clover Lane items at the hotel gift shop, which is located downstairs. They have a whole range featuring lots of pink, green, and palm leaves. 

The only bad thing about traveling alone is that you don't have anyone to snap a photo of you in front of the famous hotel. But, I was still happy I could see this gorgeous place! Now only if I could afford a night at the hotel... maybe some day! 

What is your favorite place to visit in LA? Let me know in the comments! 

Friday, March 29, 2019

Dose of Disney: Bisou Bisou

Bonjour from Paris! Jk, I wish. More like Epcot's France Pavilion. But, no worries I'll take what I can get! I'm sharing this fun Parisian inspired look from my day at Epcot. 

Aristocats is one of my favorite classic Disney movies. I mean Marie is a freaking QUEEN people. So, naturally I had to create a whole look centered around the only cat I like. I got this adorable sweatshirt from Primark while I was in London this past fall. For all of 8 pounds or around $10 I got this adorable sweatshirt! It was actually in the pajama section so if you are ever in a Primark be sure to look all over for good Disney finds throughout the store. Unfortunately they don't have a U.S. website, but they do have two U.S. store locations! 

Another Aristocats themed piece I found was this super cute tee from Uniqlo. They discontinued this specific style but they have a ton of super cute princess teas available right now! The best part is their Disney tees are $15, which is such a deal. 

I paired both of these pieces with a fun pair of light pink bow shorts. I picked up these shorts a while ago but I still go back to them for a lot of my Disney looks. I'm a firm believer in buying quality pieces you can wear season after season. Lizzie McGuire was onto something when she was an outfit repeater honestly! Don't be afraid to re-wear pieces and invest in quality items you can wear year after year. 

Now let's talk about these ears. They are my new favorite pair to be honest. My ears are from Bibbidi Bobbidi Loot on Etsy. Be sure to use the code BIBBIDIBOBBIDI10 to get 10% off you order! Her ears are super comfortable and super adorable. It's a win-win! 

My go-to park sneakers this trip were my Nike Cortez sneakers I picked up almost two years ago, but they are so neutral and comfortable. Perfect for the parks! 

I hope you enjoyed this fun Paris inspired look! What is your favorite country to visit at Epcot or in real life? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, March 25, 2019

Dose of Disney: March 2019 Trip Review

As you all know I recently came back from a trip to Walt Disney World this March! I feel like now and days there isn't really a great time to go to Disney World. It's basically always crowded, which sucks because I remember going as a kind and the parks being empty! You could walk up to any ride with little to no wait times, you didn't need dining reservations, and fast passes didn't even exist. Well, that is now a thing of the past! So, I wanted to give you the run down on my review from our time at Disney in March. 


March is known for being a big Spring Break month, which we did encounter a little bit. We were surprised to see how many kids were at the parks. During early March we expected to see some college students, but there were a lot of kids in grade school or middle school. THEN we realized that Mardi Gras was going on... Which, apparently means the entire state of Louisiana is out of town and on vacation. So, if you are ever planning a trip during spring I would double check the date of Mardi Gras and plan around that week. Crowds were INSANE due to this reason. Wait times were some of the highest we've seen, and there was just wall to wall people at every park. We had gone to Disney in April last year and did not encounter these issues. All of my pictures showed a relatively empty park, while this trip we resorted to using random walls as backdrops due to crowds. It was honestly pretty bad. At points we were just so tired of all of the people. 

Rides had mostly high wait times, at points flight of passage was 200+ minutes, Toy Story Land attractions were 180+ minutes, and Mine Train was around 160+ minutes. Luckily, we are planners and always have Fast Passes for these bigger attractions, but even going to rope drop there was wall to wall people. Normally, going to rope drop at each park lets us get everything done in the first 3 ish hours. But, this go around that was not the case. 

Also, during this week there were multiple groups at Disney for various events. Some including music days, cheer and dance people, and more. So, that also didn't help the crowd levels. 

Overall, the crowd were insane during our week at Disney. We were there March 2nd-10th for reference. Two years ago we were there the following week and it felt much better. I believe most of our issues were due to Mardi Gras. So, if you could avoid that week when planning your spring trip I would recommend it! 


To say the weather was bi-polar was an understatement. One day it would be 85 degrees the next it was a high of 60 and down pouring rain. So, we had to pack a lot of different outfits for this trip. My best advice is to always pack layers no matter when you are going to Disney. Unless you are just a boss and can wear shorts even if it is 60 degrees and raining. I am not that person. So, I ended up packing 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of white jeans, then shorts or skirts to go with all of my outfits. Also, I always pack a rain jacket to have on hand. I also packed a lightweight quilt and jean jacket to wear depending on the weather. Honestly, I wish I had something heavier! Again, I am kind of a weeny when it comes to weather so you may be totally find in just a sweatshirt. But, i found myself cold on the 60 degree wet days. 

From all of this you can conclude that weather in March is bi-polar. We had the same issues when we went in March 2 years ago. So, bottom line pack some layers and various outfit options including jeans, shorts, and pants. That way you are prepared for whatever weather you may encounter. 

Fast Passes 

As I had mentioned earlier we are Fast Pass pros. We got our Fast Passes the first available day we could and ended up with great Fast Passes. From attractions like Slinky Dog, Flight of Passage, and Frozen we scored everything! If you are staying on property be sure to get your Fast Passes the day they open up, and if possible the exact time that they do. I may have woken up at 6am to get them, but it was so worth it. Especially with the crowd levels we dealt with, there was no way we would have waited the long waits for the rides that we did have Fast Passes for. 

During our trip we were also able to score some Fast Passes at the parks as well. We actually got our second Flight of Passage Fast Pass of the day! So, even when the parks are busy keep checking different time combinations and throughout the day for additional Fast Passes. You never know what you may get. 

That is the full review of our time at Disney in March! What has been your experience at Disney during March? I want to hear your thoughts!