Monday, May 21, 2018

Gal Meets Glam Nordstrom Event Chicago

This past week I had the pleasure to attend a Gal Meets Glam meet and greet with blogger Julia to help celebrate her dress line! If you saw my Gal Meets Glam Favorites + Launch Experience post you know all about my experience getting VIP access to this event. In case you missed it, the main gist is I almost got trampled to get a dress on release day for the opportunity to attend an exclusive event with Julia. Luckily, I survived the experience and had my golden ticket to the VIP meet and greet. 

I arrived early and got to wander around and take pictures in the roped off area before most of the guests arrived. They were passing out rose, prosecco and hors d'oeuvres. With my hands already full with my work bag and phone I opted to go drink-less. But, in case you were wondering they had some fancy food and even ice cubes with little flowers in them. Like damn, Nordstrom you bougie. 

Any who, the event was quite lovely and featured new Gal Meets Glam arrivals, fresh flowers, and live illustrations. We got to take home a little bouquet of flowers, which I was all over. Free peonies and you know I'm there. Plus there was illustrator doing illustrations of us in certain Gal Meets Glam dresses, so fun! 

I was obsessed with their little flower set-up! Can you just look at these adorable little Gal Meets Glam tags. The little tiny branded details were just gorgeous. 

The event was set up as a mix and mingle with Julia. There was about 30 people so we all made a huddle around Julia while she answered questions. She talked so much about what is coming to the Gal Meets Glam line, and I am so excited for what I think is in store! Darker colors are coming in for fall, including some little black dresses. In June we will see more neutrals, while July will be brighter colors. New prints, silhouettes, and even branching into more items (besides dresses) is in the near future as well! Not to mention the biggest piece of news PETITES IS COMING!!! I could write a whole book of struggles of a short gal trying to find a dress. So the idea of a petites line made me so excited! I won't bore you with my tales of a short girl and her struggle finding things to fit, but let's just say I am excited. 

Julia was so sweet and it was so interesting to hear about the future of her blog and her brand. 

The store was filled with so many new gorgeous dresses! Sadly, Nordstrom doesn't carry 00, which is my size. But, Julia mentioned that Nordstrom will now carry 00 because of the success of the size on her website. So, YAY! Finally can score dresses and get those Nordstrom points. 

Have you picked up any Gal Meets Glam dresses? Let me know your favorite in the comments! 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Dose of Disney: 90's Babe

"Sometimes the right path isn't the easiest one"- Grandmother Willow 

Grandmother Willow serving up some major live advice via Pocahontas. I've always loved this film a kid. Back in 1999 I had a Pocahontas themed birthday party, it was lit. 

Pocahontas and I have one thing in common, we were both created in 1995! Maybe that's why I've always loved this movie. Or maybe it is because Meeko is the cutest little sidekick, and can't forget about Percy too! 

This look was perfect for Animal Kingdom! You can even meet Pocahontas at AK, but I skipped out because the "real people" characters make me chat about life and I ain't about that life. But the colors of this jersey went so well with the new Pandora area plus the tree of life. 

My Pocahontas jersey is from Box Lunch from a while back. It isn't online anymore but I've seen Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin versions in store in the past few months. So, if you're close to a Box Lunch location be on the lookout! This jersey is something fun and different compared to my other Disney tees. It has embroidered patches on the front with all of the fun sidekicks from the film. Plus Pocahontas and 95' on the back. I got so many compliments on this jersey because I think it is so different from other things you see at the parks. 


Now let's talk about these ears. Don't the match perfectly! Also got a TON of compliments on these crocheted ears from the Mad Hattear. They are so cute and went with the colors so well. I'm planning on bringing these beauties to Hawaii to wear around Aulani as well! 

Be sure to check out The Mad Hattear's ears! She has so many beautiful designs and always has the best seasonal designs as well. They are so unique compared to the other ears you see out there. Plus they were super comfy. 

Fichwa! Fellow. This is my favorite mural at Animal Kingdom. I just love that little Mickey buddy. Makes for the most adorable photo backdrop. 

Now let's talk Pandora. This. place. is. incredible!! So beautiful it hurts tbh. Everywhere you look there is something to look at. It is so gorgeous I honestly cannot even put it into words. I'll talk more about Pandora in a separate post, because it deserves it. But, I had to mention that I am obsessed while we're all here. 

Where it's from: 
Jersey: Boxlunch 
Skirt: Topshop 
Shoes: Keds x Minnie Mouse 
Ears: The Madhattear 

What is your favorite attraction or ride at Animal Kingdom. My favorite is Mt. Everest but now it might be Flight of Passage... let me know in the comments! 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Dose of Disney: Team Beast

"For who could ever learn to love a Beast?"

Let's settle a debate, are you team Beast or team Gaston? I'm for sure team Beast! To support my team I'm rocking this Lost Bros baseball style tee. I love this style of shirt that they create, I have a few and I just love them! They feature a baseball style logo on the front with inspiration from different characters. Then you have the name of the character and the year the movie was made, or a different number of meaning for the character. 

I paired this tee with a fun preppy seersucker short from Lauren James. You can find these shorts on super sale almost every time Lauren James has a sale. I recently picked up a few more pairs for under $15! They add a fun feminine touch to this look. And who doesn't love that bow on the front? 

As for my ears, I kept things classic with this pair of Disney park ears. Nothing wrong with some good old fashioned Minnie Mouse ears! 

I'm showing off that fabulous rose Danielle Nicole bag again in this look. I just love how dainty and pretty the rose on the front is. Perfect for any Beauty and the Beast look! 

I wore this look to Be Our Guest restaurant, which is one of my favorite restaurants at Disney World! Can't get enough of that roast beef sandwich with fries. So dang tasty. Plus the ambiance in that place is incredible. It really feels like you're eating at Beast's castle. 

Where it's from: 
Tee: Lost Bros Trading Co. 
Shorts: Lauren James 
Ears: Disney Parks 
Shoes: Adidas 
Necklace: KJP

Who is your favorite Beauty and the Beast character? I looooooove Chip but I also love the rest of the sidekicks in the film! Let me know in the comments below.