Friday, August 17, 2018

Sew Cute in Chicago vol. 3

Happy Friday friends! Welcome to another edition of Sew Cute in Chicago. Keep reading to see what new food and restaruants I've been trying..... 

Ina Mae Tavern | The new kid on the block is Ina Mae Tavern. This new New Orleans inspired eatery is maybe my new favorite Wicker Park place. For a starter we got the corn fritters, we wanted the seafood mac & cheese but they were sold out for the night. Then for dinner I got the fried chicken that was coated in honey paired with a warm biscuit. My wannabe southern girl was singing inside of me during this meal. We finished it off with the chocolate cake dessert. Next time I'm going for the beignets! This place is the cutest little date night spot and has a cool drink menu. 
1415 N Wood St, Chicago, IL 60622

Mario's Italian Lemonade | This past weekend we took a trip to Taylor St. near my boyfriends work to check out this famous Italian ice joint. We tried watermelon and lime and they were so very refreshing! Watermelon was a seasonal flavor along with honeydew and more. This place is nestled in a super cute area of Little Italy that I for sure want to go and explore more. Stay tuned.... 
1066 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607

Parson's Chicken & Fish | This hip place in Logan Square is a chicken heaven. Fried chicken and fish graces the menu and it did not disappoint. I opted for the fried chicken sandwich which was topped with cheese, coleslaw, and pickles. It was very tasty. Plus the house made chips were great too!
2952 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Old places but trying new things... 

Goddess & the Baker | My go-to coffee spot in the loop area is Goddess & the Baker. It is right near Macy's State Street, where I go for work some times, so I always stop in for a drink and to do some computer work. I've always gotten hot lattes but this time I got an iced latte. It was sooooooo good! Best iced latte ever. I don't know why people go to Starbucks when there are so many great local coffee spots in the city. It even came with a cute lil pastry thing which was very tasty as well. 10/10 recommend Goddess & the Baker over Starbucks any day!
Legacy Tower, S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

The Hampton Social | I took some of my co-workers to The Hampton Social after we were working our trade show at the Merchandise Mart. It is just minutes away so it made for the perfect spot! We tried the King Crab dip which was amazing! Then we got some of my old favorites like the fried calamari and I opted for the lobster roll prepared with butter. Although this is thought of as the basic betch place of Chicago it really does have great food. Don't knock it till you try it people.  

Bub City | Again, another one of my favorite places in River North Bub City. I went with co-workers after trade show set up and we got the BBQ nachos to start which were amazing. Then I got the brisket which was just so tender and delicious it was amazing, per usual. I cannot recommend Bub City enough! Fun atmosphere and good food. 

Maple & Ash | Our team at work took our client to Maple & Ash for dinner and it was incredible as always. We ordered I kid you not 11 side dishes everything from mac & cheese to veggies. Naturally I skipped the veggies. As Ron Swanson would say, "Would you like a salad" "Since I am not a rabbit no I do not". The mac & cheese rocked my world though. Holy yum! Then the whipped potatoes were equally as dreamy. Then my steak was great as usual. If you are looking for a splurge dinner this place takes the cake for me! 

What places should I try next? Let me know in the comments! 

Friday, August 10, 2018

What I'm Currently Watching

Today, I'm sharing some things I've been watching and seeing this summer..... 


Jane the Virgin | I've been in a Netflix rut, aka me re-watching the same 5 shows over and over again. My boyfriend and I started Jane the Virgin and I have to say I am into it. The story is funny and ironic and overall a good easy show to watch and enjoy! We're still on season 1, so we'll see how it goes from here.

The Office | I'm rewatching The Office because I have no self control. No explanation necessary, right?

Parks and Recreation | I also was re-watching Parks & Rec this summer because it's just amazing. Also preppy for the new craft show coming to NBS with none other then Ron Swanson.

Baby Ballroom | I started watching this show on my plane ride home from a work trip and I'm kind of obsessed. Little British kids who can cha cha and waltz, sign me up. Low key putting my kids in ballroom if they dance so it's basically a glimpse into my future. 


Tag | Recently, my boyfriend and I invested in a MoviePass, which for $10 a month gets you into movies in select movie theaters! I have to say this card is such a steal if you live in a city like Chicago. We break even just after seeing one movie per month. One of our recent movies was Tag. The commercials made this look like an awesome comedy! I would say it was good, but not awesome. It had an amazing cast, some of my favorites actually. But, it was kind of slow moving and the main plot line is them trying to get one guy in a game of tag. Funny, but nothing crazy. I would wait to get it on Redbox if you haven't seen it! 

Oceans 8 | Another movie I was really excited about was Oceans 8. First off, holy cast list! So many amazing women in this movie. Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock are my girllllls let me tell you. Any-who, if you love Vogue, the Met Gala, and jewels you will love this movie. If you are looking for a true action movie, this ain't it. This movie is surprisingly more of a chick flick. I personally enjoyed it because I have knowledge on the Met Gala, Vogue, etc. However, if you don't you may not like it. 

Incredibles 2 | Most likely my favorite movie of the summer was Incredibles 2. WOW. Just wow. If you're like me you've been waiting for this sequel for the past 14 years. This movie is pleasing everyone my age and beyond! I don't want to give to much away, but it was for sure worth the wait. I love how the combined the kids and the parents in this film. Jack Jack is also adorable and deserves all the attention he is getting after this film! 


The Bachelorette | We all love it, it's Bachelorette season. I of course am watching this season, as I have watched every season since the 5th grade. This season isn't my favorite. I'm was so over the Chris side story and some of the drama. But, I do think Becca had some great guys. There are 4-5 that I would be happy with her choosing, so thats good! Unlike most seasons I normally only care for one. These guys, for the most part, just seem like good every day guys. That's what I like to see ABC. I won't spoil anything in case you still need to catch up on this week's finale!

So You Think You Can Dance | Again, I've been watching SYTYCD since season one. As a former dancer I love dance reality TV shows. Last season of SYTYCD ended up being my favorite season ever. I loved all of the contestants so I'm excited to get to see the top 10 compete this season! 

World of Dance | Another great dance show is World of Dance. Their first season last summer was so gooooood. I am team Eva Igo!! Les Twins robbed her and I'm still salty about it. But, I'm happy she's back for season 2 but no spoilers if she moved on.... So many talented groups and individuals on this show. Most times I find myself totally immersed in these groups performances. Breathtaking comes to mind!

The Last Defense | I've been watching this new ABC show on demand recently and I'm into it. If you are a fan of shows like Making a Murder it is a similar concept. Going through the details of a murder that one mother is accused of. These shows always interest me, and the court cases behind them. Maybe it is my inner Elle Woods in me that loves a good trial.  

The Proposal | Let's be honest, this show is so stupid. But, I CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT! I can't look away. Why?? I'm not sure, but as stupid and silly as it is damn it's funny and entertaining. The last episode I watched a girl who was a senior in damn college got engaged, like m'am what are you doing on this show? To each their own I guess!

What shows/ movies should I watch next? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, August 6, 2018

OOTD: Summer White

Summer is flying by and things have been crazy over here! Two weeks of travel, getting a puppy, a new haircut (not pictured), new apartment, and so much more. But, before summer is completely over I wanted to share some summer style with you all. 

This summer my looks have been rather simple and classic. My white bow top and navy chino shorts in this look is no exception. By keeping thing simple I can pair my looks with fun accessories. Fringe statement earrings have been on repeat all summer. While on my work trips I picked up a ton of earrings and jewelry from cash and carry shops in the Atlanta & Dallas. The best part is you can get jewelry for super cheap! If you live in either the Atlanta or Dallas area keep an eye out as they open it to the public for you to shop cash & carry shops and sample sales.

Scarves are also a favorite of mine this summer. Whether I'm tying them in my hair or on my bag there are so many ways to use little scarves as accessories! You can even carry this trend into fall with tying them around your neck, hair, bag, wrist, you name it. This fun scarf is from J. Crew Factory and features a fun London print. I wore this same scarf while I was in London in May. Check out the post here

Jack Rogers have been my go-to shoe of the season. Shocker, I know. When I packed to move into my apartment I didn't even realize that Jacks were the only sandals I brought! They dominate my sandal wardrobe for sure. Jacks are just a classic sandal that I think make any look chic compared to your basic plastic flip flop. 

Can we also talk about my favorite bag in the entire world? Okay, okay great. If you've been here a while I've talked about the Jetsetter backpack from Henri Bendel a million times. But, this bag is literally perfect for summer and for even high school or college students! It can be converted to be a backpack, crossbody, or you can hold on your arm like I am above. This is the mini size, but they have a larger size that I carried around London while studying abroad. Both sizes are great and it is literally the all in one bag. HIGHLY recommend it for wherever your adventures take you. 

Where it's from: 
Top: Ann Taylor 
Shorts: vineyard vines 
Shoes: Jack Rogers 
Bag: Henri Bendel 
Scarf: J. Crew Factory 
Sunglasses: Ray Bans 

What is your go-to summer look? Let me know in the comments below! 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What I purchased this year!



Jewelry & Accessories 



Oh hey there! I'm back with what I purchased from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Now I have shopped in store and online and have basically seen and gone through all of the products. I will say, in the past I have bought wayyyy more in store. This go around the only department that I seemed to get items in store was from the shoe department. Clothing was bare and didn't have many items, jewelry was very bare as well! Beauty did have a good amount of products to view in person. I even got the sold out online T3 curling iron, which I was very happy about. 

But, I purchased a majority of my haul from Nordstrom's website. Personally, I suggest looking online, ordering, then returning what doesn't work out. I will most likely be returning some things from this list of items. The one awesome thing about Nordstrom is their A. free shipping and B. their return policy. So, no worries if you need to order online and return in-store or via shipping. They make it very easy on you. 

Now that we are done with the boring stuff, let's talk about what I picked up! 

First, let's talk about shoes. Normally I pick up the most shoes from the sale over any other product. This is the time of year I buy any shoes I want for fall/ winter. This includes boots, sneakers, flats, etc. This year I was happy to see a few riding boot options. I ordered the Cole Haan pair online, but I tried on the Born pair in store and loved them! Maybe I'll end up keeping both, we will see. Then I fell in love with these olive Kate Spade booties. They are soooo adorable I can't even. Literally. Next up I picked up another pair of Gazelle adidas sneakers. I purchased these last year and loved them so I wanted to get a fresh pair for this year. I couldn't resist this pair of pink Cortez sneakers! My classic white pair are so cute and go with so many outfits, so I had to give the pink a try. Naturally! For two fun pairs of shoes I got a pair of cheetah booties then a loafer style mule. These two might be going back, but we'll see how I feel once I try them on with some looks. 

Next up is clothing. I always pick up a pair of Paige jeans as they are my favorite and fit me the best out of any denim brand. I picked up a classic pair as well as a pink pair. The pink pair may not fit but we will see! Then I just picked up some simple sweaters. Wearing sweaters in the winter and fall is my uniform, so these will go to great use. 

Accessories I went with include some statement earrings and a fun cheetah handbag. I'm all about the cheetah trend. Cheetah Girls cheetah sisters am I right? No? Okay then. But, for real cheetah print is everything this season. Plus, I can't resist an excuse to wear statement earrings for another season. 

This is the first year I've shopped both beauty and home items. I've been dying to try this T3 curling iron. Every blogger in their damn brother has one so let's see if it lives up to the hype. Review coming to Sew Cute Style soon! Then I got two beauty sets one from Too Cool for School and the other from Beauty Blender. For home items I found a cool dog bed cover for a couch. It's hard to explain but I think it will work great for our NEW PUPPY! Yes we got a puppy, but that is a story for another time okayyyy. Okay. Lastly I got a fun fuzzy blanket and candle for my living room space in my apartment. 

Well, that's all folks! That is everything I picked up from the sale! I still have a few more post ideas up my sleeve so keep an eye out for more Nordstrom content! 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Dose of Disney: Oh Mickey You're So Fine

Oh Mickey you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind, HEY MICKEY!

Today I'm serving up some classic Mickey style! There is something about a classic Mickey inspired look that is so fun and wholesome. Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse, monsters that is who. Just kidding, but Mickey has been a major part of my life for quite some time. From meeting Mickey as a 4 year old little girl to now rocking a designer handbag with Mickey on it everything seems to come full circle with him. 

For this look I centered it around this fabulous Cath Kidston Mickey and friends skirt. I picked this up from their initial release of the collection because I fell in love with the print. Not only do you have the whole gang on there but also adorable polka dots. Initially the skirt was a little long for my petite self, so I did get it hemmed so it wouldn't be to conservative looking. Gotta show some leg every now and then. 


This skirt is also great because it has an elastic waistband in the back, but it doesn't appear on the front. So, you get a nice clean seam on the front, but all of the comfort of an elastic waist band. It's a win-win really. 

As for my tee I love this tee from Once Upon Apparel. It's one of their classic styles and I have to say it is adorable. I ended up scoring this "oopsie" shirt from an oopsie sale they held a while back. When a small shop hosts an oopsie sale it basically means there might be minor imperfections on the shirt. So, they don't want to sell it at full price. This shirt had very minor screen printing fading, so it still worked perfect for me! Plus I got a discount on it. 

And the shirt speaks for itself, who doesn't love Mickey shaped foods? I know I love a good Mickey pretzel while I'm at the parks.  

For this look I found so many fun photo locations that are perfect for any classic Mickey or Minnie look you may be sporting. In Story Book Circus I couldn't help but feel a classic Mickey and Disney vibe. Plus it's a great spot to sit down with a pretzel or a bucket of popcorn and enjoy a snack. 

The next awesome photo location is at the Main Street train station. Let's talk about this castle view? So amazing! Plus there usually isn't to many people up there. It's a great little spot to people watch, catch some shade, and snap a few photos. 

You can't forget about the front of the station as well! Who doesn't love that awesome Mickey shaped floral arrangement. Can I get that made in my yard or....? 

Then of course you have to have the castle shots! I also love this little wishing fountain on the side of the castle. It's usually a pretty well hidden photo opp as well! Hardly ever a crowd or long wait to snap a picture. 

Of course the Hub Grass is also always good for a few cute photos. There are a ton of beautiful fountains, castle views, and little statues to snap a photo with. 

Now we can't forget about my classic Minnie Ears! These beauties are just your traditional Minnie ears you can find at practically any gift shop. I am planning a fun DIY project with them, inspired by Wicked Ears, to spice them up a bit. 

My other accessories are pretty simple. We've got your basic pearl earrings, KJP pearl necklace, and my go-to park bracelets. I also wore my trusty white basic Keds as they are super comfortable to walk around in, and match any outfit!

Where it's from: 
Tee: Once Upon Apparel
Skirt: Cath Kidston 
Ears: Disney Parks 
Bracelets: Pandora, Alex and Ani 
Necklace: KJP 

What is your favorite Mickey memory? Let me know in the comments below! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preppy Picks!

You all know I'm all about the preppy and classic style. So, for today's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post I'm sharing my preppy picks from the sale! Although Nordstrom isn't known for having preppy pieces there are still a ton of things perfect for your preppy fall wardrobe. 

From Kendra Scott, Barbour, to J. Crew there are a ton of great classic brands included in the sale. Shameless plug for Barbour, but these jackets are at a great discount! I'm loving this quilted jacket and a classic rain jacket. They come in other colors as well! These jackets are great for the Midwest, but also other fall climates as well. 

Jewelry is one of my favorite things to purchase at the sale. These Baublebar dangle earrings are gorgeous, plus I'm loving Kendra Scott's new fall pieces for the sale. Lots of colors and metals available! Loren Hope is also included in the sale with some awesome sparkly pieces! I'm loving this neutral pair of dangle earrings. 

Preppy shoes are bountiful in the sale from mules, riding boots, to loafers there is something for everyone! So far I've picked up these pair Cole Haan boots. They are exactly what I have been looking for. It's so hard to find a good pair of riding boots in a sea of over the knee boots. Cross your fingers that they fit! 

What are your favorite preppy pieces from the sale? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dorm or Apartment Picks!

It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! AKA the most hyped up shopping event of the year. No joke. But, I've been shopping the sale since I was a little kid so I really do love and shop the sale personally. We used to go to Nordstrom before each school year and pick out new shoes as well as a few outfits. As I have gotten older I've gotten more and more from the sale. Now, I pick up new shoes, accessories, and clothes from the sale every year! 

For my Nordstrom Anniversary sale posts I want to try and create unique and different content for you all! I know there are plenty of hauls, try-ons and what not out there already. So, I'm going to do my best to mix it up and show you things other people aren't showing! 

Today's post is decor for your dorm room or college apartment! My favorite part about going to college (no joke) was decorating my dorm/ apartment. Nordstrom actually has a really great selection of home items that would be great in a dorm, college apartment, or apartment right out of school. 

The best part, some of these items are super affordable! A lot of them are under $30! Swell bottles are included in the sale, which is awesome! Both of this Swell bottle & tumbler are under $30. Which, is a great deal for these guys! Plus this dreamy light pink color is gorgeous. There are also some Corkcicle included in the sale if that is more of your thing. Another affordable item that I picked up was this dark coral color throw. It is super fuzzy and has fun tassels! This throw is around $25, which is an awesome price. 

If you are a candle gal or guy the sale is stocked full of high end candles at low prices. I picked up a Capri Blue candle, but it is sadly sold out currently. But, there are so many other options available!

So, be sure to check out some of the awesome home items included in the sale! There are a ton of cool things to fill your dorm or apartment with for this upcoming school year. Or to spice up your after grad pad. 

Be on the lookout for more Nordstrom Sale posts!