Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sew Cute Holiday: Christmas at Aulani

Spending time at Aulani at the end of November meant we got to take in all of the gorgeous holiday decorations all around the resort. So, today I'm showing off some of these beautiful trees, garland, and more! 

What was your favorite decoration from the resort? I love the little lights near the shaved ice stand! Let me know your favorite in the comments below. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sew Cute Holiday: A Hawaiian Holiday

Another day another Christmas look am I right? I have a confession to make: I stole this sweatshirt from my mom to take this photo. What can I say, it was too cute not to steal! 

This adorable sweatshirt is from Walt's Wardrobe! Aulani was the perfect place to snap a picture in it. This is right in front of their coy pond that has a picture perfect view of the lobby area. The hotel gives me major Polynesian vibes, for obvious reasons. Turns out the hotel was actually designed by the same guy in charge of Animal Kingdom. So cool!

Where it's from:
Sweatshirt: Walt's Wardrobe 
Shorts: J. Crew 
Ears: Aulani Resort 
Location: Aulani a Disney Resort and Spa

I hope you enjoyed this little post! Let me know your favorite Christmas movie in the comments, I wanna know! 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Sew Cute Holiday: Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say, on a Hawaiian Christmas day. It's that time of year friends! Merry almost Christmas. Today I wanted to share a fun Christmas look I wore while I was on vacation at Aulani a Disney property in Hawaii. 

Aulani had a pretty good selection fo Christmas themed items, which I was all over. Originally we were supposed to be there during Christmas time, but I'm kind of happy we were able to see all of the Christmas decor! I'm doing a full post on all of the decor at Aulani soon, so look out for that. But, in the meantime you can enjoy this adorable Christmas tee I picked up in the gift shop. 

It features a Mickey holding a pineapple, which is adorable, and a big Christmas tree! And of course it says Mele Kalikimaka on the bottom, which means Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. 

I paired my tee with simple white shorts and of course my Aulani Minnie ears! But, to wear this tee during the holiday season in Chicago I would probably swap the shorts for leggings or a pair of jeans and add a cozy sweater on top. If I was wearing shorts right now I would be freezing to say the least! 

Where it's from: 
Tee: Aulani Resort 
Shorts: J. Crew 
Ears: Aulani Resort 
Necklace: KJP 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban 
Bracelets: Hermes, Pandora 
Location: Aulani a Disney Resort and Spa 

Mele Kalikimaka everyone! Do you celebrate a warm or cold Christmas? Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sew Cute Holiday: Mom Gift Guide

pom pom beanie | bow stud earrings | fox watch | Daniel Wellington watch 
Jack Rogers | new pair of sunnies | leather gloves | jetsetter bag 
tartan scarf | birthstone necklace | bow ear muffs 

Shopping for mom's seems to be so much easier then shopping for dads. I'm not sure why, it just is! But, regardless I asked my mom what was on her wishlist, plus I added a few other fun gift ideas perfect for your mom!

Some splurge items for your mom include a classic Barbour jacket, whether it be quilted or wax. Then of course a watch makes a great gift for mom! My mom is all about watches, so I included a simple Daniel Wellington watch, which is on her wishlist. Plus a Olivia Burton watch that I got my mom while I was in London. A nice handbag or pair of leather gloves also make great gifts for mom.

As for stocking stuffers a new pair of sunglasses, dainty earrings or necklaces, or a brand new beanie or scarf are great small gift ideas!

What are your go-to gifts for your mom? Let me know in the comments below! 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Sew Cute Holiday: Chuck's Christmas Wishlist

Mickey Mouse club toy | waffle toy | plaid hoodie

Merry Woof-mas from Chuck! Chuck decided he wanted to join in on the gift guide bandwagon, why should I have all the fun right? So, today I'm sharing Chuck's Christmas wishlist. He's super excited for his first Christmas, and to turn 6 months old in December. It's a very exciting time.

The first things on his wishlist are some fun Disney Dog items! He's all about some squeaky toys to bite and play with. This Mickey waffle toy is too cute! Plus he's dying to become apart of the Mickey Mouse Club with this little hat toy too. Don't forget this adorable Mickey rope toy also! Now to up his Disney style game he is eyeing this Mickey sweatshirt, holiday harness, and Mickey bandana.

For his more refined side he's wanting a big boy Barbour dog bed. Right now he can't be trusted with his bed, but he's hoping he'll get upgraded by Santa. Then he wants another Barbour dog coat because you just can't have enough! To complete his dapper look he's wishing for a new bowtie collar, he's loving plaids and tartan patterns.

Then to get festive for the holidays he wants some pjs and a cozy hoodie from Frenchie!

What is on your pup's Christmas list? Are you interested in more puppy or dog content? Let me know in the comments! 

P.S. Yes I know I am on that crazy dog mom status, we've been here for quite some time. 

Friday, November 30, 2018

Sew Cute Holiday: Dad Gift Guide

bottle of his favorite alcohol | cigars 

Let's be honest, guys are really hard to shop for. I'm not sure why, but they just are! So, today I am rounding up some gifts I know my dad would enjoy and maybe they can help you shop for your dad! 

My dad is all about the Barbour gifts. A great jacket for any guy, not just your dad, is the Powell quilt. It is polarfleece lined so it's great for winter! My boyfriend has it and loves it. It's just a nice clean looking coat with interesting detailing. Winter accessories that pair well with any coat include a tartan scarf or a pair of leather gloves. I love this pair of gloves because they are lined with a super fuzzy warm fabric. Comfort is key with guys, and everyone in general tbh. I'm all about the cozy factor. 

Travel accessories are also a nice gift for your dad! A lot of dad's out there are always going on business trips and are probably using the same travel items they've had since "back in the day" aka probably the 70s or 80s. This Barbour valet tray is great for a dad that takes off his watch or other items at the end of a long day. I also love this watch wrap to store any watches while traveling. Complete their travel accessory collection with a new wash bag like this Barbour leather one. A new briefcase is also a great gift idea.  Whether they carry a messenger bag, backpack, or a true briefcase there are a ton of options out there to meet their individual preferences!

More lifestyle or home gifts for your dad could include a coffee table book that fits their interests. In my case my dad loves cars, specifically Porsches. So, I found this Porsche coffee table book at Target! You can tailor the topic of your coffee table book to your dad's interests. They can put it in their office, man cave, or in their favorite spot to watch TV. Other home gifts could be a new decanter set along with a bottle of their favorite liquor. Scotch or Whisky is probably a safe bet! Cigars are also a fun easy gift, perfect for a stocking stuffer too. Again, tailor these choices based on your dad's preferences! If you are really lost on what to get your dad gift cards like Home Depot, or their favorite car part store are always appreciated. Or even an Amazon gift card would do the trick. My dad is always perusing Amazon Prime for new finds. 

Lastly, something a little more light hearted, a graphic t-shirt is a fun gift for your dad! I'd obviously go for a Disney tee, but places like Target have some fun novelty tees for under $30. Even a Christmas tee could be fun gift to snap a photo with your dad by the Christmas tree! 

What are your go-to dad gifts? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Sew Cute Holiday: The World Traveler Gift Guide

As someone who travels a TON I have learned what you need while you are constantly on the go. So, I've compiled a great list of gifts perfect for the jetsetter girl on your list. Every item on this guide is an item I own, or I own something similar to it and use it while I am traveling! 

First up is bags. My Away bigger carry on literally saves lives. I have never had a better carry on suitcase then this one. You can see all of the features on the website, but it compresses everything, is hard shell, has two different sizes to pack on, and so many great other features. Plus, it has a built in charger which has saved me during delayed flights or waiting for connections at the airport. I have the purple color, which they have brought back as a limited edition color (it is gorgeous. But, I also love this pink color! So cute! I bring this carryon suitcase basically every flight I go on. Mine has seen multiple countries, states, and has been checked and it still looks great. 

Next up, I always carry a Cath Kidston foldaway tote bag in my carry-on. If you know me I tend to shop while I travel #oops and bring back too many souvenirs for my carryon suitcase. So, I always keep this bag tucked in my carryon in case I need extra space coming home. I simply make the duffle bag my carry on and check my carryon suitcase. Cath Kidston has some items marked down so be sure to check out their sale section for some foldaway duffle bags! 

Then I love Stoney Clover Lane pouches to pack my toiletries. I use a small pouch to keep random toiletries and my toothbrush then another small pouch to put my brushes and dry shampoo in. Then I use a mini pouch in my purse to keep my compact, lipsticks, and a Tide to go stick! They have a ton of color and size options so the possibilities are endless. You can even customize them with patches. 

As for small stocking stuffers for the world traveler I love these travel bottles from the container store. You can fill them with your normal shower products to take with you on the go! Then Dry Bar's dry shampoo is a must for refreshers on the go. I also love Tarte's mini palettes. They are the perfect size to travel with and still allow you to create great eye looks without a huge bulky palette. Then basic gifts like a fun passport cover, luggage tag, or eye mask are always crowd pleasers! 

Lastly, I love this pair of Aerie leggings for travel. I wore them on my flight to London and they were so comfy. But, also have pockets which are great for putting your boarding pass or phone. They have a little more style then your basic legging which makes you feel a little more put together, but comfy, especially on long flights. 

What are your favorite travel gifts? Let me know in the comments!