Friday, June 29, 2018

Dose of Disney: Three Birds of a Feather

"We're three birds of a feather"

There is no question that the Three Caballeros is my favorite attraction at Epcot, possibly all of Walt Disney World. So, when I saw this tee from Walt's Wardrobe I just about died. It's amazing. 

Although there has been talk of getting rid of the Three Caballeros, GASP, you better believe I will be there boycotting if that ever happens. I remember watching this movie as a kid and just loving all of the music and colors. Most people have never seen the movie, but I assure you it is worth the rental fee because it is so great!!! 

For my Three Caballeros look I channeled my inner Donald Duck of course! With fun sailor inspired shorts I feel like Donald would approve. 

For my ears I opted for a more neutral Epcot ear from Aloha Ear Design. The best thing about these ears are that they are interchangeable! So, I can always re-use the bow or the ears with a different look, which is great. Fun themed ears are awesome, but I feel like I get limited use out of them. But, a pair like this allows me to create a lot of different combinations! 

My other accessories are pretty simple. I love this glitter monogram necklace from Baublebar, it is so neutral and works great with Disney looks. When I pack for Disney I always try and bring a few neutral necklaces that can work with any look. 


Where it's from: 
Tee: Walt's Wardrobe 
Shorts: J. Crew
Ears: Aloha Ear Design 
Shoes: Adidas 
Necklace: Baublebar

What is your favorite ride at Epcot? You all know mine! Let me know in the comments below. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dose of Disney: Bing Bong Disneybound

Whose your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong! 

Creating this Disneybound for Dressed in Disney's Edna Mode Fashion Weekend was so much fun! The best part was I barely spent any money to create this look. That's what is so fun about Disneybounding, finding new ways to use your existing wardrobe to create fun Disney inspired looks. 

Image result for bing bong

I paired a fun pink J. Crew tiered skirt with a simple white tee shirt as the base of the look. Then the main giveaway that I was Bing Bong was my brown blazer with my flower pin. I made the pin myself with a quick DIY the night before. By cutting up some 33 cent felt sheets into petal shapes, glueing it together, then adding a pin to the back Super simple, but it completely made the look. 

My accessories really tied the whole look together. I added a fun pair of iridescent Kate Spade flower earrings and added a Disney Pandora charm bracelet to add an extra dose of Disney. For my shoes I opted for a simple light pink sequin ballet flat for extra sparkle and fun. Then the main event was this pastel rainbow Stoney Clover Lane pouch I used as a clutch. I got soooo many compliments on it! I think I might have gotten a few people on the Stoney Clover Lane bandwagon during the event...

By using items I already had in my closet I probably spent about $5 to create my pin after buying glue and the pin backs. But, I'd say it was a pretty affordable look to re-create! Creating Disneybound looks doesn't require shopping or even thrifting. If you look in your closet to gain inspiration you can find pieces that will remind you of certain characters or movies. 

This look was so fun to create because Bing Bong isn't a well loved character. For the event Dressed in Disney challenged us to create Pixar themed looks, or of course other Disneybounds. So, I opted for a less well known character and I just love how it turned out! Who knew it would be so easy to dress like Bing Bong right? Plus Inside Out is one of my favorite Pixar movies, besides Monsters Inc. of course. I love the whole story and the fun characters!

Who is your favorite Pixar character? Let me know in the comments below! 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Sew Cute Travels: Edinburgh Recommendations

Today I am sharing some of my favorite places from my recent trip to Edinburgh! These were a mix of places we found on our own plus recommendations from friends and followers. I love creating these guides because I love helping people find great places while traveling. This is just a small list of my favorite places in Edinburgh! I am working on a two day itinerary that follows what we did while in town. While this post is strictly restaruants and shopping recommendations! Hopefully it will help some of you find some great places in Edinburgh for your future trip. 

Mary's Milk Bar | Probably the best ice cream I have ever had HANDS DOWN! I got a prosecco flavor sorbet which was to die for. I can not recommend this place enough. There is usually a long line, but it moves quickly and is very well worth it! If it is cold be mindful that there is very limited seating inside. We grabbed our ice cream and sat on a hill nearby. There is access by stairs and we enjoyed our ice cream on the grass and enjoyed the views of the streets of Edinburgh. It was perfect. Plus, the ice cream was very affordable around 2-3 pounds depending on the size! 

Howies | We ate at Howies for dinner and had an amazing experience. The service was great and our waitress even gave us recommendations on bars to go to after dinner. They were very helpful and even let us split the bill with multiple credit cards, which sometimes people give you trouble about in Europe. I opted for the steak, which is normal for me. But, the other girls I was with got a wide variety of dishes. We loved all of our food choices! To start we got calamari which was also very tasty, and they served bread as well. There are multiple locations in the city so it's a great place to grab a bite no matter where you are! 

John Kay's | There are little touches of Harry Potter throughout the city due to the ties Edinburgh has with J.K. Rowling. If you are a Harry Potter fan you have to stop by this little book/ stationery shop! Lots of fun Harry Potter and Edinburgh goodies inside. I got some fun postcards to remember the trip. I always pick up postcards from all of my travels to eventually frame or keep in a keepsake box.  

Badger & Co | We enjoyed such a great breakfast at Badger & Co! Such yummy food that reminded us of home. I'm talking pancakes and bacon here people. British breakfast is pretty different then traditional American breakfast so it was nice to get a tasty meal to fill us up for the day. Plus it is adorable inside!!! So dreamy and cute. 

Greyfriars Bobby | If you are looking for a good traditional pub setting I loved Greyfriars Bobby. Nestled right next to a historic church this pub style restaurant served up great traditional English food as well as basic favorites like burgers. There is truly something for everyone on this menu. I opted for a traditional meat pie, which was so good! They specialize in pies so if you are looking for a good pie this is the place. I didn't drink, but they had an extensive beer and cider list as well. Not to mention there is an adorable little story connected with a dog to this pub. Be sure to read the sign on the outside to get a fun little story about the place!

Hannah Zakar | This jewelry store was everything! Such gorgeous pieces with fun quirky touches. She had a ton of fun pieces and little nick nacks as well. 

Cambridge Satchel Company | One of my favorite shops in London has a location in Edinburgh. The story is cute and quaint but has all of your favorite Cambridge Satchel bags. The staff was super friendly, plus they were having a sale so it was a win for me! 

Copper Blossom | Holy gorgeous! If you share a similar aesthetic to me (aka pink and pretty everythang) you have to check out Copper Blossom for cocktails! A co-worker suggested we checked it out as she knew we would love the decor and atmosphere, and she was dead on. This place is so beautiful and has equally gorgeous and yummy cocktails. So many fun fruity options, but there is a craft cocktail for every taste. If you are in Edinburgh with your girls this is a must see! 

What are your Edinburgh recommendations? Share them in the comments to help a fellow traveler out! 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Dose of Disney: Hey Now Hey Now

Hey now hey now.... well you know the rest. 

I think we can all agree the Lizzie McGuire Movie is one of the best cinematic works of our generation. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it is a damn good movie people. This tee is no exception of perfection. When I saw Happily Ever Tees was doing a throwback tee I had to get it. Although this was a while back I finally had the opportunity to rock it at the parks during my trip in April. 

I wore this fun tee to the Happily Ever After firework show one night at Magic Kingdom. It was the first time I watched the show (and could see) and it did not disappoint! This tee and short combo was perfect for the occasion. I love these linen shorts from J. Crew. They have a flattering tie on the side and an elastic waistband which is optimal for eating lots of cake pops and popcorn.

Pairing the look with a neutral pair of denim ears from Shop House of Mouse tied everything together. Plus gave me major 90's early 00's vibes. Who didn't love an embellished denim jacket or pair of jeans back in the day? What a time to be alive. I think Lizzie would be proud of this look. Do you agree?? 

Where it's from: 
Tee: Happily Ever Tees 
Shorts: J. Crew 
Shoes: Adidas 
Ears: Shop House of Mouse 
Necklace: KJP 

What is your favorite Lizzie McGuire moment? I gotta say when Lizzie kissed Gordo in Rome I about died. Let me know your favorite moment or episode in the comments below! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dose of Disney: Edna Mode Fashion Week Event

I had such an amazing time at Dressed in Disney's Edna Mode Fashion Weekend event in Chicago this past weekend! There were so many fun small shops, Disney style, and even a purple wall. I wanted to share some fun snapshots from the event! Like I said there were a ton of great small shops, some even local to the Chicago area. 

First up was The MadHattear, which I have ordered her ears before. I love love her ears! They are super unique and are hand crocheted by her. So cute! I picked up another pair as I just couldn't resist. I opted for a gold and black pair which will be perfect for my trip to Christmas time. But, I was contemplating a super cute Incredibles themed pair because my Incredibles craze is going strong RN. 

Next was a new shop to me IX Man Club. He had the best Disney inspired bow ties and ties, plus lots of pocket squares! The question is could I convince my boyfriend to wear one.... to be continued. But, they were so awesome and great for Disney guys! He also had these awesome bowtie keychains which both my mom and I picked up one in a gorgeous Beauty and the Beast print. Also, can we talk about his display, loving all of the colors! 

Brand by You had an awesome set up as well! She was showing off her new t-shirt and backpack designs which were giving me major 90s vibes. 

Another new shop for me was Patch Princess Co.! I ended up with a super cute popcorn patch plus a polaroid pin. Popcorn is my favorite food, in and out of the parks, so I was so excited to see a popcorn theme patch! It even has little Mickey shaped popcorn kernels, I died. That patch is for sure getting added to my DIY denim patch jacket. 

One of the things I was most excited for was Main Street Press's exclusive designs for the event! Can we please talk about this Incredibles Chicago inspired tee? So awesome! They also had a fabulous Edna Mode design for the event. Naturally, I got both designs because I just couldn't resist. I also picked up a few more Main Street goodies for some discounted prices they had at the event. You know I can't turn down a good sale. 

I loved watching Leo do live screen printing! Back in high school I randomly took a screen printing class and loved the whole process. Obviously we did it on a much smaller scale, but none the less it was still cool. I got my three t-shirts printed right before my eyes, so fun! 

Main Street Press brought out all of the shirts for the event. So many fun old designs to pick up at the event. I loved all of the colors! 

We also did a little fashion show at the event! I made a brief appearance after they asked me if I wanted to hop in. Why not I said! I'm so glad everyone understood my Disneybound. I think my boyfriend and brother thought I was cray, but once I got in a room full of Disney fans that got it instantly! 

Be sure to check out the vendors at the event! 

And of course if you don't follow Dressed in Disney already be sure to check out her Instagram Mouse BabeBlog, and her Chicago boutique. A massive shout out to her and everyone involved for putting together this event!