Thursday, October 31, 2013

OOTD: Bows and Tiffany Blue

OOTD: Bows and Tiffany Blue
This look is super girly and very simple in my opinion. I wore a Tiffany blue dress paired with thick sweater tights. Sweater tights are a super easy way to wear a dress but stay warm. 

Along with it I wore a grey and white bow scarf. The pattern adds a super cute touch to the otherwise simple look. Scarfs are also a great accessory to keep yourself warm. Bundle up!

My accessories include pearl studs, a stack of bangles, and black ballet flats. The flats have a bow detail on the toe which ties into the bow theme of the outfit.  

Overall, with this look I wanted to be girly and simple. 

A fresh coat of nail polish calls for a picture. This is Essie's Play Date! 

Where it's from: 
Dress: Forever 21 
Blazer: Nordstrom 
Shoes: Report (from Nordstrom) 
Tights: Nordstrom 
Scarf: Aerie 
Studs: Nordstrom 
Bracelets: Alex and Ani, J Crew, and Express 

Watch Out

Watch Out: 

Watches are becoming a huge accessory recently. Everyone is obsessed with having the "it" watch. In my experiences most people have been dying to get a high end watch like a Michael Kors or a Marc Jacobs watch. 

Personally, I am also obsessed with this idea because a watch is not only fashionable but practical. Also, watches are great layering pieces for arm candy. 

As we all know I am absolutely obsessed with stacking and layering bracelets. Adding a watch to your typical arm candy is a great way to add a more chunky statement piece. 

Not to mention I feel like watches are so fabulous and luxurious so who wouldn't want one hanging out on their wrist?

Stacking matching bangles with a chunky watch is a great way to style your watch. It creates not only layers but also texture because of the variety of different bracelets. 

The watch is the watch I will be getting for Christmas! {Shhh don't tell anyone I know}

Being glamours while wearing a watch is a classic combo. So grab a glass of champagne and a gorgeous watch and call it a day.  

These two are my favorite watches I own! They are both from ASOS. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blog Haul: New York and Teen Vogue Fashion U

Blog Haul: New York and Fashion U 

So, it's that time to show you all of the loot that I picked up at Teen Vogue Fashion University along with everything I bought while shopping!

Some things in the bag included beauty products, Hue leggings (which are to big sadly), a Sperry magnet, a copy of Teen Vogue, and more! 

On the left are just some postcards that I picked up to send to some of my friends. You have to buy something cheesy and touristy when you are in New York right? 

On the right is a J Crew bracelet I purchased which I am obsessed with! It is super chunky, sparkly, and fabulous. Also, I got a pair of black, white, and grey chevron socks from J Crew. Both of these things were 40% off the sale price so they were both at a pretty good price. 

I bought a few things at the Topshop event for Teen Vogue. I got these two shirts on sale plus the extra 20% we received with Teen Vogue. The first shirt is a simple red and white striped button down. I style this in a very preppy fun way and not to mention it fits really well! 

Also, I got this super flowy yellow tank. It is a semi sheer fabric that hangs well on the body. 

At Forever 21 I picked up these three dresses along with 2 belts. The lime green dress is the same fabric as a dress that I already own so of course I had to get it! The silhouette is super flattering and in general it is pretty comfortable. 

The red dress was an impulse buy but its super tight and hugs in all the right places. 

The maroon striped dress is a new obsession of mine. I wore it recently and I think there are a lot of different ways I can style it. 

I picked up this beanie at Brandy Melville basically because it is hilarious. 

In our goodie bags we got two free bracelets from Express which are actually pretty cute! 

Secret is one of the main sponsors for TVFU so everyone got a free deodorant. 

These are some of the beauty products that were given to us by some of the sponsors. I got things from Olay, Herbal Essence, and Pantene. 

On the left is a super cute mini Bvlgari perfume that I got in our goodie bag. The scent is as amazing as the packaging. 

At American Eagle I picked up this sparkle baseball tee. It is super soft and will be perfect for a lazy day or with a fun skirt. 

Lastly, I got some hair accessories from Brandy Melville and also a bun twisty from American Eagle. I got to wire headbands one with a plaid print and the other with sunflowers. These are perfect for when you are having a not so cute hair day. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things...Striped Obsessed

These are a few of my favorite things..... Striped Obsessed 

So I have noticed recently that I have been wearing a lot of striped things. As I am writing this post I am even wearing a striped shirt. 

Stripes are great because they can be both preppy or edgy. Usually, I take the preppy route of course. However, occasionally when I am feeling daring I can always turn them into something edgy. 

Here are two ways to style stripes: 

Striped Obsessed

This first looks incorporates more of an edgy take on stripes. I paired a simple black and white striped top with an army green mini skirt. The skirt makes it very military inspired but in a sophisticated way.By adding a pair of booties and knee socks it also adds a more rugged look. To add some glamour to the ensemble I added a giant statement necklace. The tiny pop of neon in the necklace also adds a unique and different touch. 

Stripes on Stripes

The second look is more preppy and chic. By wearing a striped dress with oxfords you can bring out your inner preppy school girl. Also, if you add a pair of knee socks you can elevate your preppy side even more. Since the look is mostly black and white add a bold colored necklace. This will brighten up your look and make it more fun and playful. 

A J Crew striped embellished top is basically perfection. The added sparkle of the gems just adds an extra level or chicness and prep. 

How I style stripes:  

Striped skirt from: Akira 

Striped dress: Forever 21 

Striped skirt: Nordstrom 

Striped shirt: J Crew 

Striped dress: Forever 21 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Preppy Accessories

Preppy Accessories: 

So, on friday I decided to bring out my inner J Crew style and wear super preppy accessories. 

I wore a J Crew inspired rosette necklace in a cream color. Necklaces like this are the perfect way to tie an outfit together. But, lets be honest, a statement necklace works for basically every look. I purchased this necklace off Very Jane or Very Jane is the perfect place to get good deals on designer inspired jewelry. You can get things super cheap but they are all super cute! 

I paired the necklace with a button up shirt, jeans, and brown boots. The look was classic but at the same time very casual and comfortable. 

On my wrist I wore two of my new obsessions. First is this brown J Crew bracelet I got while I was in New York city. The gems are super oversized which I love. Also, the brown color goes with a lot of different outfits so the bracelet is very versatile and I will most likely be wearing it a lot. 

The second bracelet is another J Crew inspired piece. It is this pave style chain bracelet. The bracelet is small enough that you can stack it with multiple pieces but not to small that it doesn't make a statement. I purchased this bracelet off Very Jane as well. 

Preppy Jewels

Here are some of my favorite J Crew (and other brands) preppy jewelry. 

Initiation Week

Initiation Week: 

The Outfit: 
For our initiation dinner we had to wear a nice white dress. This dress has very flattering detailing which hugs the body in a very fabulous way. I paired the dress with simple nude heels and pearl studs to keep the look very simple. 

Where it's from: 
Dress: Dry Goods 
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (Nordstrom) 
Earrings: Nordstrom 
Bangles: Alex and Ani and J Crew 

These are pictures of my fabulous big and I. 

The Outfit: 
Again I had to wear a white dress so I had to keep things pretty simple. This dress is a simple white lace dress nothing to special. I got it for a great deal that is why I bought it, for a whopping $11 how can you not get it? Pairing the look with nude heels and pearls again was the way to go. 

Where it's from: 
Dress: Hollister (outlet) 
Shoes: Jessica Simpson 
Earrings: Nordstrom