Monday, October 28, 2013

Preppy Accessories

Preppy Accessories: 

So, on friday I decided to bring out my inner J Crew style and wear super preppy accessories. 

I wore a J Crew inspired rosette necklace in a cream color. Necklaces like this are the perfect way to tie an outfit together. But, lets be honest, a statement necklace works for basically every look. I purchased this necklace off Very Jane or Very Jane is the perfect place to get good deals on designer inspired jewelry. You can get things super cheap but they are all super cute! 

I paired the necklace with a button up shirt, jeans, and brown boots. The look was classic but at the same time very casual and comfortable. 

On my wrist I wore two of my new obsessions. First is this brown J Crew bracelet I got while I was in New York city. The gems are super oversized which I love. Also, the brown color goes with a lot of different outfits so the bracelet is very versatile and I will most likely be wearing it a lot. 

The second bracelet is another J Crew inspired piece. It is this pave style chain bracelet. The bracelet is small enough that you can stack it with multiple pieces but not to small that it doesn't make a statement. I purchased this bracelet off Very Jane as well. 

Preppy Jewels

Here are some of my favorite J Crew (and other brands) preppy jewelry. 

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