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Teen Vogue Fashion University Day 2 (Part 1): Seminars, Lunch, and Icons

Teen Vogue Fashion University take 2!! 
I was lucky enough to get to attend Teen Vogue Fashion U a second year in a row. So sit back and relax and I will give you the low down of my fabulous weekend in the big apple. 

The first day of classes was October 19th. This is the day that all of the major events happen. 

In case you didn't know, Teen Vogue Fashion U is a series of seminars from major names in the fashion industry. My schedule for the weekend included designer Kelly Wearstler, Livia Marotta Vice President of Media and Public Relations for Bulgari, fashion icon Alexa Chung, and world famous model Coco Rocha.

First step of the weekend was to check in. There is where you get your bag of freebies along with your student pass and schedule. Teen Vogue has the best sponsors for the event which basically spoil us rotten with free goodies. This year some of them included shampoo and other hair products from Herbal Essences and Pantene, bracelets from Express, Olay face products, Secret deodorant, Hue leggings, and tons of other things. 
(Be sure to look out for my NY blog haul! It will include things I bought and free gifts!) 

After you check in you wait patiently in line to enter the theaters entrance. In the entrance there are tons of sponsors set up with activities like a photo booth, sign a pledge against bullying, hair styling bar, and more. 

This year included the usual Secret set up with their campaign against bullying. You paint your pinkie nails blue and sign the pledge to help bullying efforts. In return you get a free deodorant! Another station they had was a Sperry booth. They were giving away freebies like key chains, bracelets, magnets, tumblr cups, and even shoes. I was lucky enough to win a super cute magnet of a Sperry boat shoe. 

Once they open the curtains it is a frenzy of girls tripping to get inside. Of course everyone is after a perfect seat. This time I sat in the balcony which was surprisingly a great view. We sat in the front row which was perfect for pictures. 

{Picture of the program and the back of my pass}

The hudson theater at he Millenium Broadway hotel hosts the bigger seminars of the weekend. The theaters architecture is amazing and full of cool details. 

Jason Wagenheim the VP and publisher of Teen Vogue opened the weekend, as he usually does. Of course he is always full of wit and has a good joke up his sleeve. 

Then the always fabulous Amy Astley graced the stage to introduce the first lecture the editors panel. This panel includes all of the editors of Teen Vogue. Including my personal favorite Andrew, the fashion editor. 

The main point of this seminar is to have a Q&A with the editors. Also, they discuss each of their roles in the magazine. 

{On the left is the Shopbop bag that was given to us. Inside contains all of the freebies we received for the weekend.}

The first seminar I had was with Kelly Wearstler with Amy conducting the interviews. Kelly was a very interesting person to hear from. At first she did all of her work in interior design. Then she slowly moved into the fashion world. Her work in interior design is absolutely incredible. 

Here are some small pictures of her work that she has done. Her rooms involve a lot of color, texture, and pattern. 

The next seminar I had was with Livia Marotta. She is the Vice President of Media and Public realtions for Bulgari. Marotta discussed a lot of Bulgari history and a lot about what their brand stands for. 

{In the elevator snapping a picture of the Vogue and Teen Vogue floor signs.}

{Had a lovely organically delicious lunch at Pret. I got a ham sandwich which was on impeccable french bread. Also, I got mac and cheese with sausage which was quite tasty. Along with my meal I had their homemade strawberry lemonade. I had a bridesmaids moment.... "Shit that's fresh"}

The next seminar I had was with Alexa Chung. Alex Chung may be one of the funniest people to ever walk the planet. She certainly speaks her mind which I respect her for. Every other word she said was a swear which I found hilarious. 

She discussed a lot about her life as well as her new book It. Her book is mainly like a diary and shares a lot about herself and her life. 

I also was lucky to see Coco Rocha. Coco is a true inspiration for models everywhere. Being 5 ft obviously being a model isn't really in my career options. However, she is not only a great model but a great advocator. With her efforts she has helped improve the model industry which is highly respectable. 

{Can I just add that her legs were so long and so fabulous I can't even take it.} 

The last seminar included the founders of Into the Gloss and The Coveteur (both are online fashion/ beauty publications). They shared a lot of tips and advice on social media and the fashion world through the internet. 

The discussed about what their websites offer and also how they went about founding their websites. 

The Outfit: 

{Everything that we received as free gifts. Talk about free stuff!}

Look out for my blog haul! 

The fact that the editors were favoriting and liking Instagram pictures this weekend made me really happy! 

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