Wednesday, October 16, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things: Preppy Fashion

These are a few of my favorite things: Preppy Fashion 

Lately I have had an obsession with all things preppy. Whether it be monograms, J Crew, baseball caps, or junky statement necklaces I am obsessed with the prep. Here are some of my favorite preppy items, icons, and looks. 

Everyone has to have a cute preppy baseball cap. As a college student I find myself reaching for baseball caps quite often. {They are the perfect solution to a bad hair day.} Most people either sport a Vineyard Vines hat or a Ralph Lauren polo. Personally I have a Vineyard Vines hat however of course I am looking to expand my collection. 

Sarah Vickers is the ultimate icon for preppy style. I follow her Instagram and her style is literally perfect. I mean going around to country clubs in fabulous J Crew and Lilly Pulitzer doesn't sound like to bad of a lifestyle. 

Her style is classic preppy but she has a modern twist. She is sophisticated but still fun at the same time. Overall, if I could raid her closet.... things would get dangerous. 

One of my favorite things about preppy style is the layering of collared shirts and statement necklaces. If I could own every J Crew necklace.... I would. But, that isn't possible for a broke college student but a girl can dream right? 

Mixing colors, prints, and accessories is another great aspect of preppy fashion. 

{Pearls are a girls best friend.}

{More necklaces and collared shirts.}

This super adorable printed dress paired with this bold statement necklace is the definition of the perfect preppy look. Pair this with brown tights and boots and a cute jacket and you are good to go! 

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