Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teen Vogue Fashion University Day 1: Arrival, Shopping, Food, Times Square

Teen Vogue Fashion University Day 1: Arrival, Shopping, Food, and Time Square 

Friday at 5 we finally land in the beautiful city of New York. We had a 2 hour flight to get there which consisted of me sleeping due to exhaustion of the past school week. 

Our car picked us up and we headed from Newark airport to Time Square. After a long hour and a half car ride we finally arrive at our hotel. Soon after arriving we change into a new outfit and head off to explore the city. 

Our first stop included the typical Time Square activities. We went to the Disney Store (got a gift for my mom), Forever 21, M&M store, and a few other places. 

{Mirror selfie in Forever 21.}
{Mike and I at the disney store. I am a HUGE Monsters Inc fan and also Monsters University fan.} 

We ran into Parsons the New School of Design and Fashion Avenue on our adventures. 

Shack Shake may be one of the best places on the planet. I highly recommend it if you are in a city with a location! They have great burgers and equally as amazing fries. I've never had a actual shake but I'm sure they are just as good. 

The Outfit: 


In the attempts of finding food we went to the M&M store. Basically we ended up taking a bunch of pictures and came out with no M&Ms.... but its fine. 

However, we did pick up some Ben and Jerry's because we were desperate for some dessert and everything was closed. 

Here are some final pictures of the M&M store. Gotta love the sassy green M&M working the statue of liberty outfit. 

The first day in New York was super short. However, we got some sight seeing done as well as some light shopping. 

Stay tuned this whole week for more Teen Vogue Fashion University posts! 

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