Thursday, October 31, 2013

Watch Out

Watch Out: 

Watches are becoming a huge accessory recently. Everyone is obsessed with having the "it" watch. In my experiences most people have been dying to get a high end watch like a Michael Kors or a Marc Jacobs watch. 

Personally, I am also obsessed with this idea because a watch is not only fashionable but practical. Also, watches are great layering pieces for arm candy. 

As we all know I am absolutely obsessed with stacking and layering bracelets. Adding a watch to your typical arm candy is a great way to add a more chunky statement piece. 

Not to mention I feel like watches are so fabulous and luxurious so who wouldn't want one hanging out on their wrist?

Stacking matching bangles with a chunky watch is a great way to style your watch. It creates not only layers but also texture because of the variety of different bracelets. 

The watch is the watch I will be getting for Christmas! {Shhh don't tell anyone I know}

Being glamours while wearing a watch is a classic combo. So grab a glass of champagne and a gorgeous watch and call it a day.  

These two are my favorite watches I own! They are both from ASOS. 

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