Tuesday, October 29, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things...Striped Obsessed

These are a few of my favorite things..... Striped Obsessed 

So I have noticed recently that I have been wearing a lot of striped things. As I am writing this post I am even wearing a striped shirt. 

Stripes are great because they can be both preppy or edgy. Usually, I take the preppy route of course. However, occasionally when I am feeling daring I can always turn them into something edgy. 

Here are two ways to style stripes: 

Striped Obsessed

This first looks incorporates more of an edgy take on stripes. I paired a simple black and white striped top with an army green mini skirt. The skirt makes it very military inspired but in a sophisticated way.By adding a pair of booties and knee socks it also adds a more rugged look. To add some glamour to the ensemble I added a giant statement necklace. The tiny pop of neon in the necklace also adds a unique and different touch. 

Stripes on Stripes

The second look is more preppy and chic. By wearing a striped dress with oxfords you can bring out your inner preppy school girl. Also, if you add a pair of knee socks you can elevate your preppy side even more. Since the look is mostly black and white add a bold colored necklace. This will brighten up your look and make it more fun and playful. 

A J Crew striped embellished top is basically perfection. The added sparkle of the gems just adds an extra level or chicness and prep. 

How I style stripes:  

Striped skirt from: Akira 

Striped dress: Forever 21 

Striped skirt: Nordstrom 

Striped shirt: J Crew 

Striped dress: Forever 21 

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