Thursday, October 24, 2013

Teen Vogue Fashion University Day 2 (Part 2): Topshop Event and Late Night Adventures

Teen Vogue Fashion University Day 2 (Part 2): 
Topshop Event and Late Night Adventures

Straight after all the seminars were over we rushed back to our hotel room to get ready for the Topshop event in Soho. This event is basically a party at Topshop filled with the editors from the magazine, treats, activities, and you also get a discount. 

Every time I have been to Soho it is always cut short because we always head out there so late. So, I am determined next time to actually get to shop around all the stores down there and get to explore some more. 

I don't know why but I love these wall decorations near the escalators. To me they are so iconic London which I am obsessed with because London is just amazing in general. 

Here are some of the adorable treats they were passing out to the guests. I mean how adorable is a mini donut, popsicle, cotton candy, or macaroon? 

{Yes I did take selfies with the cute dessert. No shame.}

They also had a drink bar and I enjoyed a very refreshing raspberry spritzer.

Throughout the night I shopped at Topshop and I found a few things that I really like. Stay tuned to see my full New York blog haul! 

After we were done with Topshop I quickly ran over to Brandy Melville to get some things. I was hoping to find the shirt that says you can't sit with us. However, to my disappointment they didn't have any graphic tees with funny sayings on them. As a compromise I got a beanie hat that says Babe Cave which I find completely hilarious. 

Another shot of me in front of one of the Teen Vogue Fashion U signs. 

A friend and I with the VP and publisher of Teen Vogue. He gave us so much valuable advice and tips it was amazing. I learned a lot of what to do to become successful just from a short conversation with him. 

{The Topshop store in Soho.}

We also got to talk to Drew who is one of the new Social Media editors for Teen Vogue. She is in charge of all of the social media pages and the website. We had about a 15min conversation with her which was great because we got a lot of great advice and tips. 

{Low key, Amy Astley favorited two of my tweets. I basically died.}

A view of the city as we were calling a cab to take us back to Time Square. Although I didn't want to leave Soho it was a must. 

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