Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's Trending? #preppyhats

Being on a college campus, I see a lot of different trends in what people are wearing. A lot of college students have been wearing either Ralph Lauren baseball hats or baseball hats in general. It is an easy way to cover up second day hair but it is also kind of preppy and fabulous at the same time.

Now, we all know I have a preppy obsession. So, I am all aboard when it comes to this preppy trend. Most girls will wear their hats with just yoga pants and a sweatshirt. However, I challenge you all to take this trend to a new level and make it cute, preppy, and of course chic.

How would I style a preppy hat look? 
Preppy Style

The first look is more casual of the two. This look is a simple pair of jeans paired with a button down and a vest. For cooler fall days this look is perfect. Layers is a very important thing in the fall. You never know when you might get to hot or too cold. Pairing the simple clothing pieces with ballet flats and a statement necklace jazz up the look. Also, the hat is the main focus because the rest of the look is fairly neutral and the red really pops against the navy colors.

This look is more dressy then the previous look. If you pair your hat with a cute skirt and denim button down you can dress it up a bit. Put on a cute pair of Sperrys, like these sequin wedge Top Siders, and you add a little more of a girly touch. Complete the look with of course a statement necklace and some arm candy. 

Where can you get these adorable hats you may ask? 

I ordered this Vineyard Vines hat off of Amazon. I have also had friends order Ralph Lauren hats off Amazon as well. 

To purchase monogram hats like this one Etsy or monogram shop websites are the place to go. You can get the best deal on a hat if you shop around and look at the prices. Some you can find as low as $15! 

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