Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dose of Disney: Edna Mode Fashion Week Event

I had such an amazing time at Dressed in Disney's Edna Mode Fashion Weekend event in Chicago this past weekend! There were so many fun small shops, Disney style, and even a purple wall. I wanted to share some fun snapshots from the event! Like I said there were a ton of great small shops, some even local to the Chicago area. 

First up was The MadHattear, which I have ordered her ears before. I love love her ears! They are super unique and are hand crocheted by her. So cute! I picked up another pair as I just couldn't resist. I opted for a gold and black pair which will be perfect for my trip to Christmas time. But, I was contemplating a super cute Incredibles themed pair because my Incredibles craze is going strong RN. 

Next was a new shop to me IX Man Club. He had the best Disney inspired bow ties and ties, plus lots of pocket squares! The question is could I convince my boyfriend to wear one.... to be continued. But, they were so awesome and great for Disney guys! He also had these awesome bowtie keychains which both my mom and I picked up one in a gorgeous Beauty and the Beast print. Also, can we talk about his display, loving all of the colors! 

Brand by You had an awesome set up as well! She was showing off her new t-shirt and backpack designs which were giving me major 90s vibes. 

Another new shop for me was Patch Princess Co.! I ended up with a super cute popcorn patch plus a polaroid pin. Popcorn is my favorite food, in and out of the parks, so I was so excited to see a popcorn theme patch! It even has little Mickey shaped popcorn kernels, I died. That patch is for sure getting added to my DIY denim patch jacket. 

One of the things I was most excited for was Main Street Press's exclusive designs for the event! Can we please talk about this Incredibles Chicago inspired tee? So awesome! They also had a fabulous Edna Mode design for the event. Naturally, I got both designs because I just couldn't resist. I also picked up a few more Main Street goodies for some discounted prices they had at the event. You know I can't turn down a good sale. 

I loved watching Leo do live screen printing! Back in high school I randomly took a screen printing class and loved the whole process. Obviously we did it on a much smaller scale, but none the less it was still cool. I got my three t-shirts printed right before my eyes, so fun! 

Main Street Press brought out all of the shirts for the event. So many fun old designs to pick up at the event. I loved all of the colors! 

We also did a little fashion show at the event! I made a brief appearance after they asked me if I wanted to hop in. Why not I said! I'm so glad everyone understood my Disneybound. I think my boyfriend and brother thought I was cray, but once I got in a room full of Disney fans that got it instantly! 

Be sure to check out the vendors at the event! 

And of course if you don't follow Dressed in Disney already be sure to check out her Instagram Mouse BabeBlog, and her Chicago boutique. A massive shout out to her and everyone involved for putting together this event!

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