Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sew Cute Abroad: Weekend 1 Recap

This past weekend was the first weekend that I got the chance to really explore. On Saturday my friend Maggie and I decided to venture to Covent Garden area again (the same area we went with our class). We investigated the shopping area more which included Ted Baker, Bradley, East, Kate Spade, and other stores we popped into! The Ted Baker store was AMAZING. It's so gorgeous and very well branded. The stores in London have amazing visual merchandising. The displays, dressing rooms, decor, and clothing all blend and go so perfectly together. I could browse stores forever just looking at the attention to detail. 

Here is the entrance into the Kate Spade store. This whole area was desk/ gallery wall goals! I adore Kate Spade so it was nice to see a little something I knew from home. 

We stopped at a little Italian place near Covent Garden called La Ballerina. It was super cute and we enjoyed a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta. There is nothing better then some Italian food on a cold and rainy day. 

I loved this little ballerina statue! It reminded me of my old dancing days. We stopped by some red phone booths to snap some pictures. Although I had my poncho on it turned out pretty cute! 

The next day Maggie and I ventured off to Harrods to explore this iconic department store. Harrods is also a very high end retailer filled with mini boutiques like Chanel, Louis Vuttion, Celine, and other high end designers. It was amazing getting to look at such amazing clothes. We ventured into the Harrods souvenir shop which is where the prices are a little more manageable. If you are looking for fun London souvenirs that are better quality then your average gift shop I highly suggest it! Harrods also has an amazing Christmas section full of gorgeous ornaments. They had one section that was a bloggers dream! It included metallic gold pineapples, pink sparkles, nail polish, and lipstick ornaments. There was also a section of the store that had Cath Kitson products which is an adorable British brand. Later in the weekend I visited their actual store which was ADORABLE! I will for sure be purchasing a few more pieces from them before I leave London. 

After we explored Harrods we went to the Laudree which was inside Harrods. I had to get some famous macarons at some point! And I had a lovely Blair Waldorf moment in the gorgeous pastel green store. There will be a separate post all about it this week! 

After Harrods we walked through a bunch of houses to get to Buckingham Palace. We ran into streets of all white buildings that were gorgeous. This was for sure the rich area of London because their were sports cars parked everywhere! 

After walking for a bit we came across the gorgeous Buckingham Palace. Although it was a little cloudy and gloomy out we still managed to take some cute pictures outside of the castle gates. Once we looked around and snapped some pictures Maggie and I waited on the steps near the palace and snacked on our macarons. I couldn't help but think of when Blair would eat macarons on the met steps. (Yes my life revolves around how I can be more like Blair. It's fine.) After sitting for a bit we met up with our friend Sarah and walked to see Big Ben! This is such a major London landmark that we couldn't help but take some pictures. 

Can't get more typical tourist then that! Posing with a phone booth and Big Ben in the background. Classic. After being basic tourists we stumbled upon a pub that we dined for dinner at. I got an Ale beer as well as a Chicken burger. It was quite tasty! 

Thats all for this weekend recap! 
What posts do you want me to do while in London? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. This looks fantastic, I never went to Harrods when I was in London but I hope to go back and visit it soon!

    Ane | Basque Prep