Friday, January 8, 2016

10 Things to Bring to the Beach

For a day at the beach there are obviously things that you will need to bring! So, here are my must haves to bring to the beach.... 

  1. Bottled water | Water is a must! If it is hot outside be sure to stay hydrated. I would say bring 3-4 bottles of water per person when packing for the beach. This way you don't have to run somewhere to buy more if you need them. 
  2. Cooler | A cooler is a really nice thing to have at the beach. My boyfriend's family uses their Yeti cooler and it is the best! It carries a lot and keeps the ice from melting in the cooler. We also stocked the cooler with soda and snacks for the day which helps you stay away from snack bars near the beach. 
  3. Jadelynn Brooke tee | I always wear some sort of t-shirt as a coverup at the beach. My go-to t-shirts of the moment are Jadelynn Brooke! Use the code IOWASTMP to get a discount off your total purchase at Jadelynn Brooke! 
  4. Rowdy Gentleman koozie | Koozies are a great way to keep your drinks cold on the beach. I always bring a Rowdy Gentleman koozie to keep my drinks cool. Use the code Pollit2016 to get 15% off your total Rowdy Gentleman order! 
  5. Krass & Co. shorts | Along with a t-shirt I like wearing running shorts to the beach because they are comfortable and easy to throw on. Obviously my go-to running shorts are Krass & Co.! I love them because they are stretchy and have the cutest patterns and designs. Use the code MPOLLITT to receive a discount off your total Krass & Co. purchase.
  6. Sunscreen | Sunscreen is a given at the beach. Be sure to re-apply every once and a while especially if you are going in and out of the water. 
  7. Sunglasses with croakies | Protecting your eyes from the sun is something you don't always think about! But, it is just as important as protecting your skin. I like wearing my Ray Bans with a pair of Lilly Pulitzer or Vineyard Vines croakies to make sure my glasses don't fall off! 
  8. Headphones or portable speaker | Having music at the beach is always a good thing. Be sure to pack a pair of headphones or a portable speaker so you can listen to your favorite tunes. 
  9. Portable phone charger | I hate when my phone dies! I always carry my portable iPhone charger around and it is great to bring to the beach. This way your phone won't die on you while you are soaking up the sun. 
  10. Magazine or book | Catching up on your favorite fashion magazine or book is a great way to pass time while laying out. 

What do you bring to the beach? Let me know in the comments! 

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