Monday, May 30, 2016

Geneva Snapshots

This past Friday my mom and I decided we wanted to do something fun before my internships started up (more on that to come). So, we ventured off to Downtown Geneva which is a town not to far from us. I've never been in the area so I was excited to explore something new. The downtown area was nothing short of charming, cute, and adorable all in one! There were so many restaurants and tiny boutiques which is refreshing from all of the chain restaruants that are stuck in the suburbs. 

We started off the morning just walking around seeing what was around. Then we decided on brunch at Buttermilk which is a lunch and breakfast restaurant. Everything on the menu sounded amazing but my mom and I ended up splitting the strawberry banana Nutella french toast along with a cheese omelet. The food was great and their coffee menu looked to die for, but I stuck with a Diet Coke. I would for sure go back to this adorable restaurant soon!   

The inside of Buttermilk was also adorable!

Every street has these little tile markers which I thought were so cute! 

We stopped into a stationery store which was basically heaven for me. With adorable cards, Rifle Paper Co. and Kate Spade goodies, and fun gifts this place had everything. 

Downtown Geneva had so many flowers! As a flower fanatic I loved walking around and seeing the different flowers. It was so colorful and perfect to brighten up for the gloomy day we were having. I thought this flowers sign was super cute to point to a nearby flower shop. 

What is your favorite small downtown area near you? Let me know in the comments! 

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