Friday, June 16, 2017

Snapshots: Disney x Coach Outlet

The Disney x Coach Outlet collection as EXPLODED in the Disney Instagram community. I had originally shopped the original collection online at Coach's website and picked up a small red crossbody bag and a little Mickey hang tag. Luckily I had picked up the bag at a discount as it was on sale on their website when they were trying to clear out the collection. But, when I saw they had created another collection, at outlet prices, I knew I had to stop by my Coach Outlet store. 

So, my mom and I headed to the outlet mall to shop the collection when I learned Coach was doing 50% off your entire purchase, which included the Mickey collection. When we first walked into the store they had a huge Disney section. It took up most of the front half of the store. There were a ton of different shapes and sizes of bags being offered in the collection. I saw the same shape of my original Coach x Disney bag offered as well, but with the new Mickey logos. 

Basically, the main difference between the bags from the original collection and the outlet collection was the Mickey's on the bags. These Mickey's were honestly kind of more fun the original ones showcased on the bags. Most bags were offered in either a yellow, red, brown, black, or white leather. They all had different Mickey's on them, except the white and black shared the same Mickey. 

Some pieces were more edgy then the original pieces. Patch accents, studs, and bandanas were just some of the additional embellishments I noticed. Also, the collection had a more bad boy edge to it. For example, Mickey riding a motorcycle or a skate board versus him just standing or posing. They were super fun touches that made the collection just a little different, but still classic Mickey. 

Around the outside of the Coach store were fun little sidewalk decals showing off the collection. Props to Coach because I think it caught a lot of people's attention who may not have known about the collection. 

Shopping at the store wasn't as hectic as I expected. My Coach store used to be super small, but they recently upgraded to a larger location. So, it is much more organized, spacious, and upscale. There were a few people going crazy over the collection, but most people were purchasing one or two Disney x Coach items. My mom and I both got two pieces (we literally bought the exact same thing), but it seemed most people were just picking up 1-2 items per person. 

As for what I picked up, I selected this brown saddle bag shape with this ADORABLE Mickey! He was by far my favorite Mickey offered in this collection. Also, I love the classic brown leather and this shape. This is Coach's signature shape so I found this combination of the Mickey, color, and style was the most classic and neutral. I wanted something I could carry around day-to-day not just at the parks. Since I purchased it I've carried it around quite a bit! It's a great small crossbody bag, but it has a lot of useful pockets and features. My favorite part is there is a small pocket on the outside where you can slide your phone in and out of for easy access. 

I also picked up a little zipped wristlet wallet thing.... I'm not 100% sure what to call it. But, It is great to throw into smaller bags as a wallet, or to use as a mini wristlet if you just need some credit cards and very small essentials. It doesn't fit a phone, so it is more like a wallet, but it is super cute! I opted for the red shade with Mickey riding a motorcycle for something different and fun compared to my neutral purse. 

Supposedly the collection is only going to be available until early June. SO, if you really want to get your hands on something go now!! Call ahead to make sure they still have items in store! 

I hope you enjoyed this look into the collection! Did you shop the Disney x Coach Outlet collection? Let me know what you picked up in the comments below! 
This is NOT sponsored by Coach! I just wanted to share the collection and my thoughts on the collection! 

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