Friday, August 25, 2017

Lilly After Party Sale 2017: Tips, Tricks, & more!

The time has finally come...... it's the best time of the year, yup better then Christmas, it's the Lilly After Party Sale! I'm sure you've seen the 100 other blogposts about the sale, but this one is coming to you unsponsored and with my personal experience and advice for killing the Lilly sale! My last year's post goes into extensive detail as well, and it's still relevant, so be sure to check that post out at the end of this one! So, without further a do, here are my tips to successfully conquer the Lilly After Party Sale! 

Step 1: Set up an account. This is crucial. There is nothing worse then being unprepared (in my mind) and if you don't have an account set up you will be unprepared. So, if you don't have an account create one right now!! Create an account and fill in all of your information including a credit card on file. This makes checking out so much easier, and less stressful. There is nothing worse then stumbling over your credit card and frantically typing in your shipping address. Skip the stress and simply put your items in your cart checkout and go. 

Tip: Keep your credit card that you have on file handy. I believe you still have to put in your security code at checkout. Unless you're a shopaholic like myself and have it memorized you'll want it handy. 

Step 2: Set those alarms. No joke there is a line seconds within you clicking that refresh button. So be ready. If you're trying to get in the moment the sale starts wake up early, have your devices ready, and you'll be golden. I start refreshing my page over and over about 10 min before it's supposed to go live, just in case it starts early. If that isn't working I get ready to refresh right at the "scheduled" time. 

Tip: Use multiple devices! Use your computer, phone, tablet, your mom's computer, do whatever ya gotta do! Obviously if you are just looking for a few casual pieces you don't have to be this intense. But, sometimes if you have multiple devices at once one will load faster then the other. So that does come in handy! 

Step 3: Create a game plan. Before each Lilly sale I usually take inventory of the pieces I already have to decide what I want to purchase. Last year I mainly focused on casual dresses. Some years I focused on skorts and traditional shift dresses. Decide what you really need. Don't just buy to buy. If you do you'll end up with cute pieces, but you may have something similar or you just don't have a need for the items. If you really want to get fancy, look around on Lilly's website beforehand and decide what silhouettes you like or specific style names. For example if you know you like the ______ short, look for that specific style name when your shopping in the sale. 

Tip: Right down how many Lilly items you have on a piece of paper and keep it with you! Then you can remember what you have and what you need. 

Step 4: Be patient. There are thousands of other people doing the exact same thing you are doing. As much as I love to rampage on Twitter about the sale, let's be real there is going to be a line, it's going to take a while to get in. But, it's so worth it. This is your chance to get Lilly goods on major discount, and it only happens twice a year. So, be patient and understand there will be glitches. 

Step 5: YOUR IN!!!!! It's go time girls. This is where your plan comes in, go for the key pieces you're looking for. For example, if you want an Elsa top, a dress, and a pop-over. Start with the Elsa top because those ALWAYS sell the quickest. Then go for the pop-over then a dress. There always seem to be a million dresses to choose from. So, if you're not to picky about the dress style or print that can usually wait till you're about to check out. Just think strategically once you get into the site. It's VERY overwhelming to look at all the items at once. Break up your browsing by categories so you can actually look at the items. The sea of prints all on one page can be very confusing, so double check you are getting prints you really like! 

Tip: This is where your planning comes in, stick with a plan. Or just have a free for all, you do you. But, I'm a planner girl so I always like having a plan :)

Tip: Know your size!! If you are a new Lilly customer read up on reviews and measure yourself so you can pick the best size. Lilly After Party Sale purchases are final sale so once ya buy there is not returns or exchanges. You can always sell items on a swap page, but you'd obviously rather keep your goodies for yourself! So, just know your size in dresses, bottoms, and tops. 

Step 6: Now it's time to checkout. If you know you have items that are popular items in your cart, check out in multiple transactions. It's free shipping so you can have 10 separate orders if you really wanted to. If you will DIE without a certain piece get it in the cart and checkout asap. Then you know you at least got your must-have item. 

Tip: Visit a Lilly store if you can! Sometimes they have items that aren't on the website. Also, you can try on pieces which is always helpful. 

Step 7: Come back for more. This year the sale is THREE WHOLE DAYS. Holy smokes pray for my wallet. In past years they have released new items on each day, so check back each day for more goodies. Obviously the first day is the main event, but clearly Lilly is trying to throw us for a loop with putting the sale so late, so something tells me they will be dropping new products throughout all three days. I like to check in on things through my Lilly app throughout the day. 

Some new things to highlight.... Lilly is doing something new this year by having a pre-shopping event at their stores at 3pm the Sunday before the sale. You bet your bottom I'll be shopping at the Oakbrook location on Sunday! So, if you have the luxury of having a Lilly store I have a feeling it will be worth the visit! Word is that you can even purchase from the pre-sale event so you know I'm down. Also, the fact that the sale is 3 days instead of 2 is something new so I'm interested to see if they bring anything new to the sale in that aspect. 

Now, here are a few of my favorite recent Lilly looks....... 

My graduation look for my convocation is for sure a favorite! It's made from Lilly's traditional shift dress fabric, but has a super cool unique shape and a great tie detail on the back. 

I'm a sucker for Lilly's elephant prints. This is one of four elephant themed dresses I have from them. This is also my favorite style dress from them. Any of their three quarter sleeve cotton dresses are PERFECT for everyday wear. I wear them all the time during the summer. Throw on a jean jacket, Jack Rogers, and some pearl studs and you are good to go. 

I also love more unique pieces from Lilly like this two piece pineapple set and this neoprene scuba style dress. Both of these pieces have great Lilly DNA but with modern young twists. 

Previous After Party Sale posts: 

I am so excited to shop this years sale! The anticipation has been killing me (I see your marketing strategy Lilly, I see it), so I am so excited to get shopping. What pieces are you hoping to pick up? I'm looking for tops and maybe some fun unique pieces. 
Let me know in the comments! Happy shopping! 

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