Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dose of Disney: How I plan my park outfits

Going to Disney means so many exciting things: planning hotels, travel, Fastpasses, dinner reservations, and OF COURSE your outfits. I take Disney outfit planning very seriously. Honestly, probably to serious, but who cares. So today I wanted to share my process of how I plan Disney outfits. 

Side note: A lot of these tips and strategies could be used to plan out a normal vacation! Just swap out Mickey ears and these tips could work for a any sort of trip! 

Step 1: Before a Disney trip, and let's be honest before I even know when I'm going to Disney next, I shop for new Disney tees. What you purchase or already have will serve as the foundation for your outfits! Once you have started purchasing your Disney tees or other clothing you want to wear to the parks the planning can begin. 

Step 2: To start the planning process I create a schedule of what we will be doing each day. 99.9% of the time we are going to a park each day. So, I start by creating a note in my phone with the schedule for the trip. You can also do this on paper, but I like to constantly change mine and update it as items that I may have ordered arrive and what not. Then I go day by day and decide what I want the major show piece to be for each outfit. Now that I am a Disney small shop addict I have a stock pile of tees that I am waiting to wear to the parks! So, usually this is my key piece I am planning the rest of the outfit around. But, for you it may be a skirt, a pair of ears, a Lilly dress. Whatever it may be this is the foundation of the rest of the outfit! 

Step 3: Next I like to decide what bottoms and shoes I will wear with each look. I usually make this pretty vague until the trip comes closer. I'll say pair with denim shorts and sneakers. Then once the trip comes closer I will be more specific and say the exact pair of shorts or skirt I want to pair with what. Then for shoes I try and bring 3 pairs of sneakers and one pair of sandals for a week long trip. This way I have a variety of sneakers for different looks, but they all are versatile and neutral. Since I don't wear sandals in the parks I usually just bring a pair of Jack Rogers in case we go to Disney Springs or a nicer dinner. I record all of this in the same note page on my phone! 

Step 4: Accessories! Yes, I even plan my outfits down to the accessories. This includes buttons/ pins, Minnie ears, and handbags. I always carry a backpack with me in the parks, which remains the same the whole trip. But, last trip I carried a cute stylish crossbody with me each day and it really was functional for me. In my crossbody I kept my phone, credit cards, and other things I needed to reach for constantly. Then I kept things like sunscreen, a jacket, and water in my backpack. Again, I record all of this in my notes page. 

These are all of the steps I take to plan out my Disney outfits! This gets me excited for my trip, as well as organized. Not to mention, this helps me know to stop buying more shirts, but I always seem to buy more #oops. But, this gives me a visual record of what I'm planning on wearing on my trip.

The countdown to my next Disney trip begins! It's about 5 months away so be on the lookout for more Disney content coming soon. 

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