Monday, May 7, 2018

Dose of Disney: Drink Around the World Tour

Drink Around the World Tour starring... me! Just Kidding, I didn't nearly tackle a cocktail in every country. It wouldn't end well for me, let's just say that. But, I did get some tasty drinks while I was at the Flower & Garden Festival this year. My favorites include the La Vie En Rose, Violet Lemonade, sangria in Italy, and the grapefruit beer in Germany. 

I'm not a huge drinker, but I had to get this shirt when I saw the Lost Bros collaborated with Pretty Little Monograms. It is edgy, but still goes with my preppy style. Pairing it with this fun Lilly skort made it a super fun and girly look. Plus flamingos just make everything better am I right??? 

Now, let's talk about these ears because I know I will get lots of questions on these. They are from Tokyo Disney and I purchased them using Ballpensandetc, which I have mentioned on here before. Be sure to check out my post going over details on how I ordered through them for more info! But, sadly these beautiful Japanese Sakura Blossom ears aren't available in the U.S.. I'm not sure why, because I feel like everyone who go nuts-o for them. These ears are the perfect shade of pink and match so many things I have! In my opinion, these are way better then the rose gold ears..... there I said it. 

I took most of these photos in the Italy and Morocco Pavilions at Epcot. These Pavilions have some amazing spots for photo opps if you're looking to get your photoshoot on. Which, you all know I do. 

This bridge has the best views I swear! If you face this way you get a gorgeous view of the Italy Pavilion. Face the opposite way and you get a beautiful view of the water and the famous Epcot ball. No matter which way you turn on this little terrace area, you will get a gorgeous shot. 

The majority of the trip I wore the same accessories to keep packing easy and to prevent loosing any of my favorite accessories. My looks all included my Disney Pandora charms and my Alex and Ani bangles. These are my favorite Disney jewelry pieces to wear in and out of the parks. Some days, like today, I wore my Lillian and Co. cuff bracelets, that have fun Disney sayings on them. But, they are super subtle! . 

My pearl studs are from Target, as I didn't want to bring my real pearls to the park. Just in case they fell off during a ride or got lose while walking around. I will always recommend leaving your more expensive pieces at home while traveling. The last thing you need is to loose one of your favorite or most valuable pieces while on vacation

As for my necklaces I stuck to either a Baublebar monogram or my KJP pearl necklace. All of my necklaces were a simple pendent so they wouldn't take away from my Disney tees. 

If Flower & Garden is short of anything, it is not flowers. Everywhere you turn there are gorgeous blooms and colors. I just love how bright and cheerful Epcot looks during this festival. It is so fun to walk around and just look at all of the plants and florals. Flowers have always been a favorite of mine. Every year I head to Home Depot with my dad to pick out flowers for our yard. So, you could say I am a flower enthusiast. 


A little tip I have for you if you want to get great photos at any of the parks: find shady spots and find areas that are less populated. This little staircase is on the side of a store in the Italy Pavilion and there was no one in site. It was a great spot to snap some pictures without an annoying child in the background. Another tip is to try and be patient and wait for people to walk by. If you're quick enough you can get great shots, even in heavily congested areas, without anyone in the background. 

Where it's from: 
Shirt: Lost Bros Trading Co. 
Skirt: Lilly Pulitzer 
Shoes: Adidas 
Ears: Tokyo Disney via Ballpensandetc on Instagram 
Bracelets: Alex and Ani, Pandora 

What is your favorite spot to take photos in Epcot? Let me know in the comments below! 

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