Friday, November 30, 2018

Sew Cute Holiday: Dad Gift Guide

bottle of his favorite alcohol | cigars 

Let's be honest, guys are really hard to shop for. I'm not sure why, but they just are! So, today I am rounding up some gifts I know my dad would enjoy and maybe they can help you shop for your dad! 

My dad is all about the Barbour gifts. A great jacket for any guy, not just your dad, is the Powell quilt. It is polarfleece lined so it's great for winter! My boyfriend has it and loves it. It's just a nice clean looking coat with interesting detailing. Winter accessories that pair well with any coat include a tartan scarf or a pair of leather gloves. I love this pair of gloves because they are lined with a super fuzzy warm fabric. Comfort is key with guys, and everyone in general tbh. I'm all about the cozy factor. 

Travel accessories are also a nice gift for your dad! A lot of dad's out there are always going on business trips and are probably using the same travel items they've had since "back in the day" aka probably the 70s or 80s. This Barbour valet tray is great for a dad that takes off his watch or other items at the end of a long day. I also love this watch wrap to store any watches while traveling. Complete their travel accessory collection with a new wash bag like this Barbour leather one. A new briefcase is also a great gift idea.  Whether they carry a messenger bag, backpack, or a true briefcase there are a ton of options out there to meet their individual preferences!

More lifestyle or home gifts for your dad could include a coffee table book that fits their interests. In my case my dad loves cars, specifically Porsches. So, I found this Porsche coffee table book at Target! You can tailor the topic of your coffee table book to your dad's interests. They can put it in their office, man cave, or in their favorite spot to watch TV. Other home gifts could be a new decanter set along with a bottle of their favorite liquor. Scotch or Whisky is probably a safe bet! Cigars are also a fun easy gift, perfect for a stocking stuffer too. Again, tailor these choices based on your dad's preferences! If you are really lost on what to get your dad gift cards like Home Depot, or their favorite car part store are always appreciated. Or even an Amazon gift card would do the trick. My dad is always perusing Amazon Prime for new finds. 

Lastly, something a little more light hearted, a graphic t-shirt is a fun gift for your dad! I'd obviously go for a Disney tee, but places like Target have some fun novelty tees for under $30. Even a Christmas tee could be fun gift to snap a photo with your dad by the Christmas tree! 

What are your go-to dad gifts? Let me know in the comments! 

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