Monday, February 4, 2019

Easy Valentine's Day Gifts

bottle of alcohol or wine | Valentine's Day candy
monogrammed tray | restaurant gift card

Valentine's Day gifts can be tricky sometimes. But, I wanted to create a simple list of gifts that would work for your boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever! They are super simple and easy and will making gifting for your loves that much easier. 

First, let's talk about treats, drinks, and food. I mean who doesn't love getting food? No one. Valentine's Day can be as simple as a little box of chocolates from Target. It doesn't need to be anything crazy! But, if you do want something a little more unique try Sugarfina for some fun candy boxes, a cupcake or pastry from a local bakery or a place like Sprinkles Cupcakes, or even a bottle of their favorite wine or liquor. Another food option is a gift card to their favorite restaurant! There is nothing like the gift of food. 

Next up, personalized gifts. Mark and Graham has some really cool options like monogrammed wine glasses, trays, or leather accessories. All these options are neutral and come in different color and customization options. 

For a more personal gift I love going to Image 3D to create custom viewers. You can create your own slides with photos of your sweetie, family, or gal pals. I've given a new slide to my boyfriend for different occasions and I've had great experience with the site! Plus it is a super cool and unique gift that no one else will have. I'm personally a sucker for a good photo, so Frame Bridge is also a good option to create customized gifts. They are having some deals for Valentine's Day right now so it's a great time to buy! Use think link to get 15% off your purchase! 

What are your go-to Valentine's Day gifts? Let me know in the comments! At the end of the day Valentine's Day is to show your love to your loved ones. Don't stress about gifts! As long as it comes from the heart that's all that matters. 

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