Saturday, August 31, 2019

Dose of Disney: Greetings from Toon Town

Something I miss about Disney World is Toon Town. I used to love Toon Town as a kid. Visiting Minnie's house, going and meeting all of the characters, it was honestly a magical place. Then the got rid of it. So, whenever I get to see Disneyland's Toon Town I get so excited!

Toon Town as an adult is walking around meeting random characters and taking super cute photos with all of the adorable houses and props. I mean this blue wall is freaking adorable! Plus I love all of the cars and small details in Toon Town. I went to sit in Mickey's car and the windshield covered my face, for once I am too big for something!

Also, can we talk about their mail boxes? Adorable! Had to snap a picture with them naturally. 

Toon Town has so many adorable details, it seriously takes me back to my childhood. So, for this look I kept it super simple with a basic Disneyland sweat shirt and denim shorts. I don't have just a plain basic sweatshirt like this. It was great to pick one up while I was in the parks. It's not dated, just a classic Disneyland sweatshirt. A timeless Disney Style piece!


What is your favorite area of Disneyland? Let me know in the comments!

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