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Las Vegas Travel Guide


The Venetian | The Venetian hotel is full of amazing photo spots! My favorite is outside the front of the hotel in front of this gorgeous water area. It really looks like you are in Italy. There are also some great indoor spots like the giant love sign, near the fountain outside the casino, or on the upper deck right outside of Buddy V's restaurant. The Venetian is for sure a must if you are looking for a gram-able photo op. 

The Bellagio | The Bellagio Conservatory is an also another great spot to snap a picture! It changes seasonally so it is always a little different. But, it always has gorgeous flower displays. If you really want a good picture I recommend getting there early. We went at two different times and it was busy during both! Of course the Bellagio fountain show is also an ideal spot for some cool photos. 

The Palazzo | I've always stayed at the Palazzo hotel so I know it inside and out. There are some really pretty photo spots here as well. I love the front of the hotel where there are stair cases and patios galore. Also, during certain times of the year their lobby is decked out so be sure to check it out to see if it is a photo worthy display. Since the Palazzo is connected to the Venetian you can hit a ton of photo spots in one trip.

The Cosmopolitan | If you are looking for an edgier photo location The Cosmopolitan hotel is the place for you. Their theme is a cool Alice in Wonderland vibe that is super unique. Very dark, cool, and hip décor is everywhere. They also have this crystal bar that is gorgeous and would make a great photo spot!

Primrose |  This breakfast and lunch spot is seriously adorable. Down to the glasses, napkins, and décor this place is so pretty. I loved the patio for a cute photo spot! 


Lawry's | If you are looking for an old school steak meal look no further then Lawry's. I went here for a work dinner and I really enjoyed it! Lawry's is known for their prime rib meal and it did not disappoint. It comes with the works meat, salad, bread, mashed potatoes, veggies, and of course Yorkshire pudding! It's located off the Strip, but is worth the trip if you like old school steakhouses and restaruants. 

Hell's Kitchen | Hell's Kitchen is by far my favorite restaurant in Vegas. I've eaten there 3 times now between all of my work trips and every time I have not been disappointed! I've gotten the beef wellington and the strip steak and both were amazing. When it comes to appetizers the lobster risotto is a must, the meat balls are also tasty. THEN you HAVE to get the whipped potatoes. They are seriously the best potatoes I have ever had. So creamy, buttery, and delicious. Honestly, if you are going to take any of my recommendations for Vegas take this one! Hell's Kitchen is a must do!

Primrose | If you want an easy breakfast spot hit up Primrose at the Park MGM hotel. The aesthetic is fabulous which also makes it a great photo spot. I got the scrambled eggs and they were super tasty.  

Mon Ami Gabi | Another one of my favorite Vegas restaruants is Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris hotel. Fun fact: I first ate there when I got stranded in Vegas after my flight got cancelled. They greet you with a warm baguette that is seriously to die for. I always get the classique steak frites and they are so delicious. This steak frites dish rivals the steak frites I've eaten in France.

In-N-Out | A west coast classic In-N-Out is a must while you are in Vegas especially if you don't have them near you! The menu isn't complicated here so it's easy to make decisions. There are some locations off the strip if you have a car, but there is also a location near the Flamingo if you'd like to walk! Normally I get In-N-Out twice per trip because it's just that good. 

Lavo | Another good option is Lavo an Italian restaurant in the Palazzo. This isn't anything life changing, but when I went I enjoyed my meal, appetizers, and desserts! 

Buddy V's | This one was a surprising find on my most recent trip to Vegas. I wasn't feeling well and I just wanted some take out that was in my hotel that I could easily walk too. Oddly enough I was craving fettuccini alfredo. Checked the menu at Buddy V's aka Buddy from Cake Boss's restaurant and they had it! Went picked it up, took seconds to get from the bar, and it was actually so good. I got the pasta plus a burrata appetizer, and I have to say I would recommend it.

Carlos Bakery | Speaking of Buddy, my favorite place to grab a treat is Carlos Bakery located in the Palazzo. They have the best chocolate covered strawberries there! Plus a ton of other tasty treat options. 

Paris Baguette | For breakfast I love Paris Baguette which is a favorite of mine from some of my trips to LA. It is sooooo good. Lots of yummy pastries to choose from. They have a location right in the Venetian so it is super convenient if you are staying at the Palazzo, Venetian, or a nearby hotel. 

Yard Bird | Another place we tried on our most recent trip was Yard Bird. Oh boy did it not disappoint! This place is always packed, and I could never get a reservation. So, this time I was more proactive and made sure I booked it a week or two before my trip. My mom and I split the fried chicken and the sweet tea braised short ribs. Holy yum, it was so good. Highly recommend this place! But, be sure to get a reservation!!! 

Tao | I am not a fan of Asian food, but I went to Tao with some co-workers and it was pretty good! If you actually like Chinese food I think you would really enjoy it!  


The Shops at Crystals | If you like window shopping, or actually shopping, for high end products the Shops at Crystals is the place for you. This mall is actually stunning. So, be sure to head there just to window shop if anything! Trust me I'm not casually shopping at Harry Winston, but it is so fun to look at all the window displays and explore. 

Fashion Show Mall | This mall has literally every single store. It is a one stop shop! Places like Mod Cloth, Nordstrom, Zara, and more are located here. If you are looking for more normal stores this is my recommendation for the place to go!

Cesar's Palace | Cesar's shopping area has a mix of high end and normal priced stores. Stores like Ted Baker, Sam Edelman, H&M, and others are available here! But, they also have high end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and others. 

Miracle Mile Shops | Another good area to shop for more general stores is in the Miracle Mile Shops. Some stores include Alex and Ani, Urban Outfitters, Pandora, and more! 


Gambling | I am NOT a gambling expert by any means. But, obviously gambling is one of the main forms of entertainment in Vegas. If you are a beginner I recommend just doing a low value slot and putting a max $20 in there. That way you can say you did it but you aren't out $100+. Maybe it's just me but I'd rather shop then gamble! Every hotel has slots, tables, etc. so really wherever you go there will be gambling available. 

Go see a show | I have yet to see a show in Vegas, I know I know that is super lame. I'm always in Vegas for work though so that is the main reason why. There just isn't normally time! Plus the shows are kind of expensive. Maybe one of these days I will go but when it comes to the show department I am not much help. I'd check out Vegas's tourist website for deals and available shows during your stay. 

Go to a concert | Without fail, every time I am in Vegas the artists I want to see are taking a break. WHY? So, I haven't been able to see Celine Dion, Brittany, J Lo or anyone good. Make sure you check who will be in town before you book your trip. Again, I'm in Vegas for work so I have little control over the dates. However if you want to see someone in residency in Vegas make sure to double check the dates they are in town!  

Explore the Hotels | Not going to lie my biggest form of entertainment is walking around the hotels. They all have different themes, décor, vibes, and of course people watching. Easily you can spend a full day just seeing all of the hotel lobbies, displays at the hotel, window shop, and just explore. A lot of the hotels have a ton of cool hidden things so I always find something new when I'm exploring. There is a lot of ground to cover so make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes on the days you plan on exploring! 


The Palazzo | I've really only ever stayed at the Palazzo while in Vegas. One time I did get stranded and spent an extra night at The Paris, which I will review below. The Palazzo is, in my opinion, one of the nicest hotels on the strip. The rooms are AMAZING and huge. Their standard room has an amazing bathroom, a nice sitting area, and a comfy bed. Overall, I've had great experiences at the Palazzo the couple trips I've gone to Vegas. Being in Vegas I would expect to have some noice issues because well it's Vegas. But, I've never had an issue with a loud neighbor. The hallways are always quiet and the hotel has good security. You have to swipe your room key to get into any guest elevator so you know only hotel guests are getting into the area with the rooms. The Palazzo is also connected to the Venetian so you basically get two hotels worth of restaruants, shops, and more all in one big place. Everything is connected so it's super easy to do stuff both in the Venetian and the Palazzo. All of the finishes in the hotel are super nice and high end. Nothing feels run down or gross. They recently updated a bunch of the bars and the casino area so everything feels nice and fresh. Most of the restaruants I've been to are in the hotel since there are so many options. You really could stay in the hotel and never leave if you really didn't want too! All in all, I would recommend The Palazzo. I think it is worth the extra cost because you get so much space for your money. If you had two queen beds I think you could comfortably fit 4 adults in these rooms. 

The Paris | Like I said above, the only other place besides the Palazzo I've stayed at was the Paris. I stayed here one night when my flight was cancelled home. I didn't pay to upgrade my room so I had a very basic room. I swear it was under $70 for one night which is nuts. There was nothing glamorous about the room but it worked for a night. If you are on a budget I would recommend it. The hotel itself has some decent food options, Mon Ami Gabi is one of my favorites which is located here. Plus I like the French theming but maybe thats just me. Again, I would recommend this place if you are on a budget. If you are willing to spend more money I would go to the Palazzo. 

Let me know any questions you have about Vegas! Unfortunately I always go for work so I don't have many recommendations when it comes to entertainment and shows. But, those can easily be researched on your own based on your personal taste. 

Have you been to Vegas before? Let me know in the comments! 

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