Friday, January 10, 2020

20 of My Favorite Things to Celebrate 2020

It is 2020! I can't believe it has been a decade since 2010... to me that is just crazy! In the past decade I have done a lot. Graduated high school, studied abroad, many internships, graduated college, got a job, traveled a TON, and so much more. Today I wanted to share 20 of my favorite things to ring in the new 2020 year. These aren't necessarily favorite things from the entire decade, but they are for sure favorites from the past year! They are not just items but also things, bands, services, and more. Everything on this list I truly love and I'm excited to share with you. Most of these things you will probably not be surprised about because I have probably mentioned on the blog or on Instagram in some shape or form this year. 

STONEY CLOVER LANE | It is literally no secret that I have an obsession with Stoney Clover Lane. But, their stuff is just to dang good not to be obsessed with honestly. If you haven't jumped on the SCL bandwagon yet then you are seriously missing out. I feel like I've introduced this brand to people and then they fall in love. From their aesthetic to products everything is on point for me. You can bet you will be seeing a lot more SCL content next year (don't you worry). You can shop my favorite SCL picks below.
purple floral duffle bag | small pouch | mini pouch | black backpack | clear open top 

NIALL HORAN | I am legit the biggest fan girl for Niall, and another band on my top 20 list. Niall is releasing a new album in 2020 and I cannot wait. Recently I saw him at Jingle Ball in Chicago and he was truly amazing. You can see my IGTV video from the concert here. I have tickets to see him in Chicago on May 9th, 2020 and I am literally counting down the days! Can't wait to see what he does in the next year and the next decade for that matter. P.S. Stream Nice to Meet Ya and Put a Little Love On Me because they are AMAZING!!

GRANDMILLENNIAL STYLE | If you know me personally you know I am basically a grandma. So, when I saw this new trend of Grandmillennial Style I was so on board. Basically it is all things ornate, lace covered, bows, you name it. One of the key brands I think of when I think of this style is Loveshackfancy. Which, is my newest obsession. Catch me living my best Grandmillennial style in the next decade. You can shop my Grandmillennial style picks below if you want to join the grandma movement with me. You can read the original Grandmillennial article here.

HEADBANDS | Another not so secret obsession of mine is headbands. More specifically Lele Sadoughi headbands. Someone who was new at work legit asked if I always wore a headband, that's how much I wear them. They literally make every outfit that much better. Plus, if you are having a bad hair day, boom done. No outfit is complete without a headband for me now. You can shop my favorite headbands below!
pearl statement headband | crystal headband | faux leather headband | beaded knot headband

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES | I am a Southwest girl through and through. I don't know what it is but I HATE flying American or United. If you didn't know I travel a ton for work. So, I've been on just about every airline: Southwest, Delta, American, United, British Airways, and so on. But, I am basically 100% a Southwest girl. If you are looking to take a trip personally I cannot recommend them enough. You get TWO free checked bags which is huge for me plus there isn't first class everyone is in the same boat. There is nothing worse then boarding an American flight and you are in the last damn group. Plus Southwest is almost always so much cheaper, why would I pay twice the amount to basically get the same thing then have to pay for a checked bag? No thank you! From a traveling pro, Southwest is my preferred airline. So thanks Southwest for the 30+ flights I took this year alone.

GOLD JEWELRY | I've always had a thing for gold jewelry and gold everything to be honest. I read somewhere that with my skin tone I should be wearing silver. But, I don't. Let's just say I don't like following those kind of rules, wear what you want! Some of my favorite gold jewelry pieces this year have been Miranda Frye charms and this bracelet + my Monica Vinader bracelet that I wear everyday.

TWO FACED BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION | I've been using this foundation for at least 3 years I think. I honestly cannot remember when I started using it! I've probably re-purchased it at least 4 times throughout the past few years. It's now my go-to foundation. If they stop making it I am really going to be in trouble guys. It is the perfect amount of coverage and doesn't feel cakey. I prefer a full coverage foundation, but this one is pretty buildable. Use a beauty blender for lighter coverage or a foundation brush for heavier coverage.

THE JONAS BROTHERS | The Jonas Brothers are back together!!! 2019 brought the best news EVER, and that being that the Jonas Brothers are back in action. To say I was a Jonas Brother fan would be an understatement. Prior to my One Direction days I was a full blown Jonas fanatic. I've had Nick Jonas's birthday memorized for the past 10 years if that tells you anything (it's September 16th if you were wondering). I was lucky enough to go to multiple shows of their Happiness Begins tour including Nashville, Chicago night 1, Chicago night 2, plus Jingle Ball in Chicago. AND OF COURSE I freaking met the Jonas Brothers in Chicago! Honestly, the highlight of my year by far. One of the best few days ever and I wouldn't trade it for anything. So, thank you the Jonas Brothers for coming back! I can't wait to see what you guys do in 2020.

DISNEY + | Did you guys know I like Disney? Just kidding, of course you did. Then it is probably no surprise that Disney + is on my list of favorite things. I mean COME ON GUYS this is the best thing to ever happen (except the Jonas Brothers getting back together). I've been binging my favorite old school Disney Channel shows like Lizzie McGuire, Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Even Stevens, and more! Plus, it's been great to watch some Disney movies I haven't watched in so long. And don't even get me started on Disney Original Movies. Let's just say I've been busy binging. I plan on continuing the binging in 2020, don't you worry.

HERMES BRACELET | My Hermes Clic Clac has probably been one of my most worn pieces in the past year or so. I got it as a Christmas gift and basically wear it everyday. It is obviously an investment piece but it really will never go out of style. I picked a simple white bracelet to start off as it matches everything, and I wear it with anything. Works in winter, summer, spring, fall you name it!

GUCCI CROSSBODY | Another investment piece on my list is my Gucci crossbody bag. Again, this was a gift but I wear it so often. It really is the perfect size. Fits my two phones, wallet, lipstick, and lip balm. Fun fact: I really don't carry that much! This bag I think is classic and can work for casual looks or dressier occasions. Would for sure recommend it to anyone looking to invest in a great bag.

ZELLA LEGGINGS | Working from home means I am usually wearing leggings and a sweatshirt. These are my favorite leggings of the moment. Zella is a Nordstrom owned brand and it is honestly my favorite brand to get leggings from. They are high quality but you don't have to pay the prices at Lululemon.

GAL MEETS GLAM DRESSES | As a petite gal it is almost impossible to find a good dress that actually FITS. I've finally found the perfect source for dresses for anytime of the year, Gal Meets Glam. One of my favorite bloggers launched a dress line and I was obsessed from the beginning. I've gotten a ton of dresses from the line and they all fit beautifully. Both petite and non-petite styles fit me great. If you are a shorter gal I highly recommend checking them out. I've purchased directly from her site or from Nordstrom. Sometimes I even find them on sale at Nordstrom Rack!

TRAVELING | Kind of a no brainer that traveling is one of my favorites of the year or really the decade. I love to travel, I just love exploring new places and seeing new things. Plus, I get to travel for my job so that makes it even easier to cross things off my travel bucket list. In 2019 I visited Lexington, KY, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, MN, Michigan, Las Vegas, NV, New York, Denver, CO, Disneyland, Disney World, Baltimore, MD, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and I think that's it.... Clearly been on a lot of adventures! Can't wait to continue to travel  in the next decade.

DISNEY | Another not so secret favorite is Disney of course! Whether it be visiting Disney, Disney Style, or now watching Disney + I love all things Disney. This past year I was able to go to both Disney World and Disneyland which was awesome! I haven't been to Disneyland in a long time until recently. It's really a fun and different experience from Disney World. But, Disney World will always feel like home.

SKINCARE | A obsession of mine this year has been skincare! I love testing out new things and sticking with some of my favorite products. Some of my go to brands are Peter Thomas Roth, Drunk Elephant, and other smaller Korean Beauty brands! I mean who doesn't love unwinding with a face mask? I always carry at least one with me while I travel.
Green Releaf Sleep Cream | Liquid Facial Soap | Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser | Cloud Cream 

AWAY LUGGAGE | My Away suitcase is probably the best investment I have ever made. The Bigger Carry-On is pretty much the only carry on suitcase I will ever use ever again. It is amazing people! If you are questioning making the plunge, I cannot recommend it enough. If you travel often it is for sure worth it. There are so many great features plus a ton of good color options! You can use this invite link to get $20 off your first order.

PHOTO EDITING APPS | This year I discovered the good of a preset for my photos. They just streamline everything and make my feed and photos look cohesive. I love this preset I got off of Etsy it adds a pinky vintage feel to my photos! I then use Lightroom to edit all of my photos. Again, it just makes everything streamline. You can get a free version of Lightroom for your phone if you want to test it out! I've also found some great free presets off of Pinterest if you don't quite want to commit to buying one yet.

ATLANTIC PACIFIC X HALOGEN COLLECTION | One of my favorite bloggers Blair came out with a collection partnered with Halogen at Nordstrom. This collection is literally my style wrapped into clothes. From bow adorned blouses to sparkly numbers I have been obsessed since the first collection. I wear these pieces on repeat! Structured blazers, cozy soft sweaters, and show stopping fun holiday pieces are now a part of my wardrobe thanks to this collection! So far she's done about three collections and I think there are more on the way. You can count on me shopping the upcoming collections!

LONDON | It is no surprise that London is included in my list of favorite things. London is by far my favorite city in the world. I've been able to visit it 3 times in this decade. One of which I studied abroad there for about 4 months. By far the best experience of my college career! London will never get old for me. There is so much to explore, eat, shop, and an amazing amount of culture. It's crazy to me how old London is compared to America. Obviously it existed far before us! If you can go to any European country I can't recommend a trip to London enough. You can check out my super in depth London travel guide here. I legit had been working on that post for years. But, I wanted to make sure every possible thing I have done was included!

There you have it! Those are my 20 favorite things to kick off 2020. I am so excited to start off the new decade and have tons of new adventures, favorites, and try lots of new things. Cheers to 2020! 

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