Monday, February 24, 2020

Spring Style Guide

Spring is in the air! Well... not really seeing how it is snowing as I write this post. You win some you loose some right? But we can pretend it is almost spring by shopping for cute dresses and tops right? Florals for spring, I know, ground breaking. These florals are giving me life though. I'm feeling major Loveshackfancy vibes from brands this season. All things floral, cutesy, and breezy. These dresses make me want to frolic through a field. 

This season I am all about ruffles, pleats, and ditsy prints. These dresses range from all sorts of price points! So there is really something for everyone. Shop Red Dress has some amazing dresses this season. I am eyeing about 5 from there alone! For sure on my list of places to shop for new spring pieces. 

Loveshackfancy dresses are for splurge, but I love the classic dress I have from them. But, they are well known for their gorgeous prints and cute silhouettes. I love this long sleeve dress from them. It has so many cute details and I think would be a great spring summer dress. 

What spring trends are you looking forward to this season? Let me know in the comments! 

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