Wednesday, December 23, 2020

I'm Engaged!

Hi friends! Some exciting news here..... I am engaged! If you don't already follow me on Instagram this  is big news. But, I got engaged while on vacation in Florida with my fiance. It is still weird to say that! But, it happened and I am so excited. I can't imagine being with anyone else forever. Here are a few snapshots from the engagement! 

So, this will be the first post to kick off a ton of wedding content! But, had to give you a little context before I started posting all about weddings randomly. Yesterday I went dress shopping for the first time and I think I found my dress. We are touring one of my favorite venues next week so things are starting to come together. I will for sure do a post on my wedding planning tips as I am planning to do everything myself. Except maybe a day of planner! But, we will see. In other news Happy Christmas Eve Eve! 

Let me know what wedding content you want to see below! 

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