Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Sew Cute Style Nordstrom Anniversary Guide



The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! I've been shopping this sale since I was in elementary school. We would always go to pick out new shoes and clothes for the school year. I became more serious about the sale in middle school and high school, and now it is a staple for me! But now I have a Nordstrom card and am in control of my own purchases. Which can be dangerous. 

To be honest I wasn't super impressed with the sale this year. I try to be 100% honest on here so I wanted to say the sale isn't as great as previous years. Previously they've had a ton of amazing fall clothing pieces. This year it was very meh. I ordered a few clothing pieces to try but I will most likely return. Main things I focused on this year were beauty and workout clothing. I needed a new pair of sneakers, replenish a few beauty essentials, then get fresh pairs of Zella leggings. 

My overall strategy with the sale is to purchase a ton then return. Especially this year it seems the store availability is not great. So I recommend ordering everything online! You can always go in store to browse. But you don't have to rely on store stock for your all your items. Above I've linked all of my favorite sale finds. These are all items I either purchased or think are truly worth noting. A few major highlights: 

SUPERGOOP | Supergoop is my go-to sunscreen. This stuff is one of two brands that doesn't make me burn to a crisp. I always talk about sun protection and right now is a great time to stock up on Supergoop products! 

ZELLA | Zella is by far my favorite workout brand. Lululemon who? Save yourself some coin and pick up some Zella pieces instead. Their leggings are my favorite out there. I only buy them during the sale because the are under $40. I also own this workout top and it is perfect for the gym! Ordered it in an additional color during this sale. 

CLOUD SNEAKERS | I've never tried this brand, but I am giving this pair of sneakers a try! I've seen these all over the place and have heard good things. I will report back once I get them in. 

DRY BAR | I swear by this dry shampoo from Dry Bar. It is the only dry shampoo that I will use. My hair gets super greasy and this will extend my wash 1-2 days longer! 

BAREFOOT DREAMS | I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about Barefoot Dreams but I love their stuff! As I'm typing this I am using a Barefoot Dreams blanket. I have three scattered across the apartment. They are so warm and so comfy. I've washed them multiple times and they hold up really nice. 10/10 worth the hype. But I also recommend this lower price point blanket for a budget friendly option!

What are your must have items from the sale? Let me know below! 


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