Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Sew Engaged: Disney Bachelorette Party Day 1


The first of many Bachelorette party posts! I am super behind on these so I apologize. Since my bachelorette party in January it has been non stop. Super busy with work and now I am in full blown wedding mode. Everyday I am working on something! From bridal shower details, buying decor, and just organizing logistics as well. So lots of wedding content to come. But may take longer than expected! But let's get into my first day of my Bachelorette. 


10:15 AM- Breakfast Reservation at The Grand Floridian Cafe with my mom and one of my bridesmaids and my maid of honor. We did this while we waited for the rest of the girls to arrive. I flew in a day early with my mom and one of my bridesmaids!  

11:15 AM- Walk around and explore some of the monorail resorts. We walked around The Grand Floridian then rode the monorail to the Contemporary. We also went to the Riviera Resort to explore. The security guard was very rude to us. So pro tip if you want to explore this resort either take the Skyliner or you can walk over to the lobby from the Caribbean Beach lobby! Caribbean Beach security is much nicer! 

12 PM- Around 1pm we went back to our hotel Caribbean Beach to get some bags and head to Saratoga Springs Resort where we were staying with everyone. Once we arrived we waited for our room to be ready for a bit and then grabbed a quick bite to eat. 

2 PM- By around 2pm we were able to get into the room and start decorating! I brought all of the decorations and most of them came from Etsy or Amazon. I will do a separate post on just the room decor but I have this post live with a lot of things linked already.

3 PM- By 3pm most of the decor was done and we started getting dressed and ready for dinner at Disney Springs! The last few bridesmaids arrived to the room around this time as well. 

4 PM- We started taking pictures with our super cute photo backdrop! Lots of pictures below to see how it turned out. 

6 PM- By 6pm we headed to the boat that runs from Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs. This made it super easy to get to and from Disney Springs with a large group of people. We ended up doing a very casual dinner at Chicken Guy this night. It was very hard to get dinner reservations for 9 people at a reasonably priced restaurant. So, if you are planning a Disney bachelorette trip I recommend around 7 people or less. This would have made reservations way easier! But, still very happy everyone was able to come + my mom and future MIL! 

7 PM- We popped into a few stores on our way back from dinner. It was actually freezing this night so we were all kind of ready to go back. And people were tired from traveling. 

8 PM- We got back to the room and did our loungewear/ lingerie game! I opted to be gifted pajamas/ matching sets over lingerie. So the game is you guess who gave you which gift. This was super fun and I put my own spin on it with having the girls get pajamas vs. true lingerie. If my friends were going to spend money I wanted to make sure it was for things that I would wear again!

9 PM- We hung out for a bit and probably went to bed around 10pm/ 11pm! We had an early morning as we were rope dropping MK so it wasn't a late night of partying! Plus I didn't want a crazy bar filled bachelorette. Hence why I went to Disney in the first place. But we had a chill and fun evening! 

Here are some pictures from our super cute photo backdrop! This was perfect to take photos in front of. We just used the largest blank wall in the hotel room. Which happened to be in the main bedroom. It ended up being perfect. Great for individual photos and were able to squeeze everyone into a group photo as well. 


My outfit details are linked below! I wore this super cute feather top and white pant. I've seen super expensive versions of this feather top but mine was I think around $100. Although I think it is sold out so I will try and find a similar option! Pants turned out to be an amazing decision because it ended up being super cold this night. 

I also rhinestoned my Minnie Mouse bride hat myself! I had someone ask if I was going to sell these and right now it is a hard no because this took me soooo long. But if you really want one hit me up and we can chat. I paired it with a super cute pair of Loren Hope earrings. I got them on sale during their Black Friday sale! Black Friday was a major time to get things for my bachelorette party and wedding. So if the timing works out for you wait to get things until then! You can get a ton of things on sale. 

More fun photos with my bridesmaids! My bachelorette trip was just my bridesmaids. I'm glad we had a smaller group because I honestly couldn't imagine having a group larger then 9 people! Plus it was a great time for the bridesmaids to bond and hangout. They all knew of each other but none of them are really friends! I have a lot of individual friends but not a true friend group. So this was a perfect opportunity for everyone to meet + spend time together prior to the wedding. 

Below is a close up of my rhinestone hat! I am obsessed with it. It turned out so cute! Warning when I rhinestoned the hat the hat part shrunk a little bit. So I had to bobby pin it into place. I just got white bobby pins on Amazon and you could hardly see them!

Most bachelorette parties have some sort of planned outfits. At least most of the bachelorette parties I've seen at least! Traditionally I have seen people do bridesmaids in black and the bride in white. Naturally I had to mix things up! I asked all the girls to wear pink dresses. This turned out so cute. Pink is much more my speed and it matched the overall theme I had of make it pink make it blue. So have fun with your bachelorette party outfits! Throw in a fun color that matches your theme or vibe. Or don't do planned outfits you do you. But I love that it looks cohesive and the pictures turned out so cute! 


My bachelorette party night one outfit: 
Top: Dillards 
Pants: Dillards (on sale!)
Earrings: Loren Hope 
Hat: Shop Disney/ Disney Parks 
Shoes: Aldo x Disney 

There is a little re-cap and itinerary of my Disney bachelorette party day 1! Let me know any questions in the comments! Stay tuned for days 2 & 3 + lots of other Disney bachelorette party contents. 

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