Monday, October 24, 2022

Weiland Wedding: Bridesmaid Dresses + Accessories


It only took me about 6 months to start posting all of my wedding details! It has been a crazy six months, lots of travel and work things going on. But, I wanted to share all of my wedding details to help any future brides out there. First up is my bridesmaid dresses. I've gotten so many questions on these and I am happy to share all the details! 

When picking bridesmaid dresses I knew I wanted a cohesive look, but also give the girls freedom to choose what they wanted. So, I selected the designer, fabric, and color and the girls all chose their own style/ shape. I went to Bella Bridesmaids in Oakbrook with my in town bridesmaids to try on dresses. Luckily everyone else was able to go to a different Bella Bridesmaids boutique to try on styles as well! It was also important to me that people could try on their own dresses. A lot of websites have great options but I wanted to make sure the dresses were good quality and looked good in person. 

After browsing lots of fabrics, styles, and designers I decided on Marchesa Notte bridesmaid dresses. I didn't want the traditional bridesmaid fabric chiffon so I went with tulle. The tulle reminded me of all of my dance costumes growing up. They felt perfect and light weight for a spring wedding. In general they fit into the aesthetic I was going for! Plus I think they made them stand out from the traditional bridesmaid dresses. Not that there is anything wrong with those, but like I said I wanted something different and a little bit unique for the girls! 

With the bridesmaid dresses I got all of the girls custom earrings from Made by Maddie Designs. Maddie can create a custom earring for you + your girls for your big day! You just email her and she will help you from there. We decided on these gorgeous pearl clover earrings. I put a picture of them below, unfortunately I didn't get any close up pictures of them. But they were stunning! I wish I got a pair of myself now.  + I think the girls will be able to re-wear these earrings for other events or just for day to day! Personally I like a statement earring over a necklace + stud earring combo for bridesmaids. I think it is a more elevated look. I got six pairs of earrings for $300, and these I included in their wedding day gifts. 

I also let all of the girls pick their own hair and makeup style. They all got it done professionally but they got to decide what they wanted. The only thing I said was no smokey eyes just because I think they are a little harsh. But otherwise they could do whatever! I wanted to make sure everyone looked their best and they were comfortable with their glam for the day. 

Below are the exact style names, numbers, and links to each girls dress! We had two girls wear the same style, otherwise everyone had something different. I love how the mix matched dresses turned out. They are still cohesive without being matchy matchy or totally mismatched. 

10/10 recommend a bridesmaid first look! It was a sweet moment between my friends and I. 

And those are the details of my bridesmaid looks! Below are the rest of our wedding vendors. Stay tuned for more details on our big day soon. 

Hair and Makeup: Tamara Hair & Makeup 
Bride Dress: Bella Bianca, Hayley Paige (Radley Gown)
Bride Earrings: Loren Hope 
Bride Headband: Jennifer Behr 
Shoes: Bella Belle 
Photographer: Ben Ramos Photography
Invitations: Empress Stationery
Videographer: Flabio Doci
Orchestra: Innocenti Strings

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