Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Weiland Wedding: My Wedding Florals


Flowers were one of my top priorities at my wedding. Well, let's be honest everything was a top priority. But, flowers were so important to me! My biggest ask was for peonies. Peonies are my favorite flower, also Blair Waldorf's if you were wondering. So I knew I had to incorporate them into my wedding. That is where my May wedding date came from. Peony season is May-June so I knew that was the best time to get married. Also I think my aesthetic lends to a spring wedding.

I wanted garden inspired vibes for my bouquet. Something that felt organic and had movement. Personally I am not a big fan of the super tight shaped bouquets. I asked for roses, peonies, paired with other blush and white blooms. Then of course some greenery! When it came to size I wanted it to be big but not overpowering. I'm 5ft after all so it couldn't be giant! To complete the bouquet I wanted a light blush ribbon tied around it. This really added a special touch to the whole bouquet look. My florist Willrette Flower Co. totally nailed my vision. I interviewed about 5-6 florists and Willrette totally understood what I was going for. It was a no brainer to work with them. 


For the ceremony I didn't want something too aggressive. Our venue was gorgeous on its own but I did want some florals incorporated. We decided on these floral columns that we then moved to the reception space to frame the head table. I 10/10 recommend something like this that can be repurposed later in the evening. It not only saves money, but they were so pretty I'm glad we got to enjoy them all night! The columns were mainly greenery, roses, and baby's breath. But, they also included some other white and blush blooms. 

For our head table we used a mix of baby's breath puffs and bud vases. Then of course we used my bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquets on the table as well. Re-using the bouquets as center pieces was also a no brainer for me. With the columns behind us it made for the perfect head table! 

Then our gorgeous staircase! Often times at our venue people put a ton of flowers on the staircase. But that first of all costs a lot of money + I liked the more simplistic look. The stairs are so pretty on their own they don't need much to dress them up! So we stuck with greenery and a lot of candles. They event added a little bit of baby's breath at the bottom. 

Centerpiece wise we had two different styles. The first was this gold compote vase with flowers incorporated into the rest of the florals. I personally don't love tall center pieces so we stuck with ones that were lower. Then we also did an arrangement of small bud vases with candles. Bud vase arrangements are a great cost effective center piece, that still incorporates flowers! 

Here is a general overview of the reception space with the florals. The room is gorgeous on its own so I knew we didn't have to go overkill with giant centerpieces. I loved how the tables turned out and I think everything was tied together perfectly. 

Willrette Flower Co. surprised me with this little baby's breath installation on the fireplace in the reception space! I loved it so much. Might I just add I had come up with the baby's breath idea before it was a big trend LOL. But regardless I loved how our baby's breath turned out. We did sprayed baby's breath so it gave an ombre effect from white to pink. I saw the idea on Pinterest and knew I had to incorporate it. 

Then probably my favorite part was this baby's breath fountain! It was something so simple but I was the most excited for it. We again did the sprayed baby's breath so it gave it that ombre look. Then we had our monogram projected onto the wall right above it. This was in the dance floor area and it made for the perfect backdrop for the evening. 

A major shout out to Willrette Flower Co. for our gorgeous flowers. If you are in the Chicagoland area I can't recommend them enough. They totally understood my vision and it turned out better then I ever could have imagined! As always the rest of my vendors are linked below! 

Hair and Makeup: Tamara Hair & Makeup 
Bride Dress: Bella Bianca, Haley Paige 
Bride Earrings: Loren Hope 
Bride Headband: Jennifer Behr 
Shoes: Bella Belle 
Photographer: Ben Ramos Photography
Invitations: Empress Stationery
Videographer: Flabio Doci
Orchestra: Innocenti Strings


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