Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Henri Bendel Flash Sale! What???

So, I got an email this morning that Henri Bendel will be having a flash sale!!! WHAT! Henri Bendel is my favorite place for jewelry recently. I love all of their stuff. Its made with crystals which makes it extra sparkly. Also, there bags are great too! My Mom has two and I know she loves them. In other words this flash sale is a huge deal. 

They are doing a promotion where if you send an invite to your friends and they click it then you get a head start! So spread the love so we can all get a head start in this sale. Click any of the links below to get a 1 min head start and if you invite more friends you can get more min to start early in the sale! 

Henri Bendel Flash Sale

Here are some of my Henri Bendel pieces that you might recognize:

Love this watch! 

Rose gold bracelets (both of the white ones!)

Fun stacking rings

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  1. To someone who religiously visits the hair accessory department at the 57th street flagship, this is the most important news item possibly ever.