Wednesday, November 19, 2014

College Series: Thanksgiving break packing list

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. Which means it's time to pack and head home! As an out of state student I always struggle with what to bring home. I have a lot of clothes still at home so I don't plan on bringing home a lot of clothing. However there are a few things that I cannot live without for a week! So here is my Thanksgiving break essentials that I am packing in my tote. 

1. Knee socks: I am in love with this pair of knee socks! They are from Aerie and I literally live in mine. I have a grey pair but I might have to pick up another pair. When paired with boots they are perfect because they are tall enough to peek out and give a nice detail. 
2. Riding boots: My boots are my life. Both of my boots will be coming back with me over break. They are both from Michael Kors and if you have seen any of my posts you have seen my boots. They are a must have for me because I literally wear them on a daily basis. So, these are a must-have when I am packing. 
3. A plaid scarf: During break the weather will probably be starting to get cold. My plaid scarf is a must-have to protect myself from the cold Chicago air. Not to mention it is the perfect preppy girl accessory. 
4. Black Longchamp bag: My black Longchamp is my go-to bag. It is the perfect size and it goes with everything. If I have to pick one bag to take on break this will for sure be the bag. 
5. Brooks Brother's coat: My navy Brooks Brother's quilted coat is my current go-to coat. It has a great fit and is surprisingly super warm for how light it is. Out of all of my coats this will be the coat I will be bringing back home! 

So that is my packing list for this break. Obviously I will be adding a few more things but these are going to be my go-to pieces over my week long break! 


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