Monday, November 3, 2014

Life As a Campus Rep

Life of a Campus Rep: 
Getting involved with campus rep programs is a great way to build your resume. Its one of the easiest ways to connect with a company, build marketing experience, and plan your own events. I have been involved with multiple campus rep programs from Grandex, Rent the Runway, Adam Block Design, and The Periwinkle Co. All of these experiences have been great to add to my resume and just fun experiences! 

Here is a picture of my fellow Grandex rep and I on stage at Beta Benefit concert! We hung our Rowdy Gentleman flag onstage for everyone to see. 

Right now I am a campus rep for Grandex which runs TSM, TFM, Post Grad Problems, and Rowdy Gentleman. Working with them has been such a fun experience to be a part of. So far, I have made tailgating kits for fraternities, raffled off prize packs at a philanthropy, and sponsored a benefit concert. I have had a blast with all of these events! 

Through these experiences I have figured out how to target college students in an effective way. Also, I've gotten to give away some great free stuff along the way. 

My set up at Pi Phi Sugar Rush! 

Here is a photo of a friend and I at my sororities philanthropy Pi Phi Sugar Rush. We raffled off three prize packs and gave away stickers and other freebies! 

My fellow rep and I went around to fraternities to give away tailgating kits we made for the homecoming game. 

Do you have questions about campus rep programs? 
Leave a comment below and I will help a girl (or guy) out! 


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