Monday, July 20, 2015

Mastering the Instagram Theme + Instagram Round Up

Recently I have been trying to create a more cohesive Instagram account. For the longest time I have been adding white strips on the sides of all of my pictures. But, I found that it doesn't really make for an appealing theme like the all square photos. So, I decided to change it up and I am now creating my photos using all square pictures! 

One way to achieve this look is to take any photos you want to post to Instagram in the square setting on your phones camera, well at least for iPhone users. This way you know exactly what space you have to work with which means none of your photos will get cut off! 

Instagram themes are all the rage it seems like now and days. A lot of fashion bloggers or Youtubers have been obsessing over having all of their photos look cohesive. So, I decided to create my own theme with my new and improved square photos.

I put all of my edited photos in a folder to help see if they fit into my theme! (see last step)
Now when it comes to making all of your photos cohesive looking it can present some problems. However, I have a few tricks that I use when I edit all of my pictures..... 
  • Always use the same editing app or combination of apps. I find that if you always use the same editing tools your photos will come out the same. I use Afterlight which I consider your non-stop shop when it comes to editing photos. Using the same app can help prevent different affects that make your photos seem random. 
  • Make similar editing changes to all of your pictures. When I edit my pictures I always turn up the saturation (makes photos more colorful) and add a blue tone. This will assure that my photos all have a similar base. From there I adjust the exposure, brightness, clarity, and other fixes based on the individual photo. But, I tend to like my photos bright and fun. It's all about creating a routine and sticking with it when it comes to editing your pictures! 
  • When it comes to filters.... mix it up! In Afterlight I try and change up the filters I use on each photo. But, I always make sure they are in the blue tones. I chose to make my Instagram photos blue in tones. If you prefer less bold colors I suggest going with red orange tones. 
  • Keep an Instagram folder on your phone.... Recently I started adding all of my edited pictures into a folder. This way I can see how my photos will look as if they were on my Instagram page. If I see that one photo seems out of place I go back and make some changes to it. Although this is an extra step, if you are totally committed to creating an Instagram theme I think it is a great way to see all of your photos together. 
Watch this helpful video from my favorite Youtuber Sarahbelle93x!!! 

Instagram Round Up.......

Here are a few of my recent Instagrams. As you can see they all have similar filters or colors in the photos. My feed currently features mostly blue, aqua, and pink. But, I like to stick to fun bright colors. 

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