Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spongelle Body Buffer REVIEW!

Body buffer: A body buffer is infused with luxurious shower gel which gives a fabulous shower experience.

A few days ago I was sent these awesome body buffers from Spongelle. Beyond the adorable packaging and amazing smell these body buffers are fabulous. Spongelle body buffers are like having a spa in your own shower! They are such a unique and exotic product unlike anything I have seen before. 

Basically, these hard shapes turn into soft and luxurious sponges once they meet water. Once you add water you can lather yourself in amazing scents like mandarin mint and ginger bergamot. I love these because they leave your skin feeling great with a light gorgeous scent. It's the perfect way to pamper yourself after a long day. 

Particularly I am in love with the pedi-buffer. It exfoliates like a foot stone but leaves your feet softer and smelling great. 

Spongelle is a body care brand that strives to give their customers a luxurious experience and I would say they succeeded! I would highly recommend these products to someone who loves indulging in shower goods like Lush or H20.  These body buffers are the newest way to cleanse and reveal amazing skin. The best part? You can use these body buffers more then once! The body buffers last around 14 washes while the pedi-buffers last around 30. 

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