Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sew Cute Holiday: Comfy Christmas Gift Guide

Who doesn't love getting Christmas pjs or a nice cozy sweatshirt during the holiday season? Well, I certainly never pass up an opportunity to get a cute Christmas tee or anything Christmas related! Well first thing is first welcome to the first installment in my holiday series!! Since I will be back home in a few weeks from London (CRAZY right??) I will have lots of time to create more holiday posts this year. Usually right up until Christmas I am running around like a crazy person dealing with finals, moving out of my dorm/ house, or finishing up projects for classes. But, this year I will be carefree and hanging around my house while no one else is done with school. So, be on the lookout for more gift guides, DIY's, outfit ideas, and more! Comment down below if you have any holiday ideas or requests!

But, back to getting comfy, during the holidays I love to cozy up and watch a good Christmas movie. If one of your friends or family members is the same way these gifts are perfect for them!

Cozy beanie | This gift is perfect for any girl or guy! I recently just picked up this Merica' beanie from Rowdy Gentleman and I am so excited to wear it! This gift would be perfect for a patriotic guy (or girl) in your life. But, beanies in general make a fun gift because they can wear it not only during Christmas but when it's chilly outside. 

Holiday shorts | Krass & Co. just released some amazing new holiday shorts!!! Krass & Co. recently has been my guilty pleasure. As a rep I have a coupon code MPOLLITT so it's hard not to pick up a few pairs every now and then. I just picked up the penguin pair and the ugly sweater inspired pair and I'm so excited to wear them while baking christmas cookies and lounging around during the holidays. Be sure to use my code MPOLLITT to get a discount! 

Festive tee | Vineyard Vines just gets me during the holidays. They have so many adorable new arrivals but I am especially loving this men's Christmas tee. There is also a women's style available but personally I like wearing the men's shirts because they are more baggy and oversized. This tee would be perfect for any preppy guy or girl in your life! 

Adorable mug | Jadelynn Brooke has been releasing a ton of new and amazing goodies so I am so excited to share with you they now have mugs! What?! These mugs are perfect for any tea or coffee lover in your life. They have three adorable designs and are the perfect small gift or even a secret santa gift! 

Plaid scarf | I am a huge believer in plaid scarves. I remember a few years back they were all the rage. But, I am still wearing mine. However, scarves in general are a great and easy gift. Jut pick a scarf that matches your friend or family member's personality/ style and you are good to go!

Holiday pajama bottoms | Who doesn't love a new pair of pajamas for Christmas? No one. I particularly love Aerie's pajamas. My mom and I almost always go in and pick up a new pair around this time of year. Theres are always so soft and you can almost always find them on sale. If not they are usually reasonably priced to begin with! 

Soft shorts | Again, another pajama item. PJ shorts are a great gift to give your girlfriends or just any girl in your life. These shorts are also from Aerie and are super cute and sparkly! 

Ugly sweater inspired tee | Lauren James also has an adorable Christmas tee out which is inspired by an ugly sweater. More and more I have been seeing these and I have to say I like them. They make these kind of tees everywhere but this one is extra cute for any girl in your life!

Santa sweatshirt | Last but not least Jadelynn Brooke has the most ADORABLE holiday collection right now. I was recently sent this Santa is BAE sweatshirt for being a rep and I am so excited to wear it! I'm waiting for my parents to bring it over to me when they visit London in a few weeks. It's to cute not to wear! If this design isn't for you they have a lot of other options as well!

What other Christmas gift guides do you want to see from Sew Cute Style? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. these are all super cute! My college's book store just recently started selling ugly Christmas sweater type shirts, I bought one the first day they went on sale haha! x, kenz

  2. I LOVE that plaid scarf too!! They have been in for awhile but I haven't bought one, maybe this will me my year to do it!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    1. They are the best! I wear all of mine constantly. They are perfect for the holidays :) thanks for reading!