Friday, February 12, 2016

Blogger Spotlight: House of Wonderland

My next blogger spotlight is on Tessa from House of Wonderland. As a small business owner Tessa Shearer has created a quirky and colorful business through her online shop House of Wonderland
This may be the best thing ever. Pug notepad, who could want more? 
Shearer does fun illustrations that are then put on a wide variety of gifts like jewelry, accessories, and much more. All of Shearer’s products are made in the United Kingdom and from independent British suppliers.

Although her blog came long after her business, Shearer uses it as a promotional tool for new products as well as fun DIY posts.

Tessa's shop features so many adorable gifts! 

Most often Shearer blogs about her new arrivals in her shop and the background of how they were created. This gives her customers more insight into her creative process along with seeing new things in her shop.

Despite Shearer’s blog being a relatively new project she has big plans for it. Eventually she hopes to create looks around her products to show customers how they can style them.

In addition, Shearer hopes to find more new and exciting ways to promote her products through her blog. Although her blog is in the early stages Shearer has noticed a lot of traffic coming to her shop through her blog.

How adorable is this pillow? SO CUTE! 

Shearer, like some small business owners, has found that creating a blog helps them not only gain more followers, but it helps their small businesses grow. With a unique business model and connecting it through her blog, I think Shearer is destined for success! Not to mention her adorable product line would make anyone smile.

Shearer just launched her new HOW Jewellery Club Boxes through Jewellery ClubThis new addition to her site acts as a monthly subscription box. Customers can order the box and receive special goodies that represent a theme Shearer has specially created.

For more information on House of Wonderland and their products be sure to head to her blog! Do you want to be featured in my 10 week blogger spotlight series? Leave your URL in the comments! 

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