Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Makeup Forever Product Review

Since I picked up this palette in Paris I haven't stopped using it! Now my Makeup Forever palette is by far my favorite palette when it comes to my everyday makeup look. While I was studying abroad my program took a trip to Paris with our class. Our study abroad coordinator knew someone who worked at Makeup Forever headquarters, in Paris, so we got to shop at the employee store which was AMAZING! I picked up a limited edition palette as well as a gorgeous red lipstick. In this post I will tell you my thoughts and review each of the products. 

Makeup Forever Artist Palette Volume 1- Nudes: This palette has easily become my go-to palette in my every day makeup routine!! It has shimmery neutral shadows that are perfect for everyday wear. There are three columns of colors and they all have different tones. The far left column is more cool while the far right column is more warm. I tend to stay with the middle and right column because I like shades that are more warm. But, I like using the dark black shade as an eyeliner with a small brush. It gives a softer look than normal eyeliner when I want something more subtle. Makeup Forever individual shadows are kind of pricey. So, this is a great way to get very high quality well pigmented shadows for the price of a normal neutrals palette. I think the price is very comparable to the Naked or other palettes like that but it has a better quality. Also, this one is great for travel! I used this while studying abroad and it was perfect. It has anything you could need in one, including a mirror, in a pretty small packaging. But, there is plenty of product. I don't expect to hit pan for a while (at least hopefully!). 
Colors included- I-528, S-556, S-102, I-514, D-562, I-544, ME-512, ME-644, D-652 

Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural Moisturizing, soft shine lipstick- Red Cherry: I love this lipstick! I picked this out in Paris as well and it is a classic red lipstick. It isn't as vibrant as some other reds, which I like. Although it is a red lipstick it is neutral enough to wear on a daily basis. This lip color is quite moisturizing and won't dry out your lips. Normally I apply lip balm before applying just to have some extra moisture. Overall, this is a great lipstick for everyday use! 

I hope you enjoyed this review on some Makeup Forever products! Do you like beauty reviews? Let me know in the comments! 

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