Friday, March 18, 2016

Blogger Spotlight: Color Me Courtney

Courtney Quinn of ColorMe Courtney is brining a bright fun side to her colorful New York based blog.

Quinn began blogging as a means of finding a creative outlet.

While studying business in college she knew she wanted to be involved in the fashion world. So, creating a fashion blog was her way of demonstrating her understanding of the industry.

Now, Color Me Courtney has become her fulltime job. You can learn more about her journey through her about me page on Color Me Courtney.

“It’s kind of ironic that what I started to fill my spare time and use as a tool to help me get a job has become my career!” she said.

Color Me Courtney is a fashion blog based on building body confidence. Through her blog she hopes her readers build their body confidence and embrace their own personal style.

Quinn’s blog features her bright, crazy, and colorful style. Through trial and error Quinn creates amazing looks with bold colors and mixing prints.

To gain inspiration Quinn looks to Pinterest, movies, art, museums, movies, and even candy.

Most bloggers in New York sport the typical dark and monochromatic looks. But, Quinn mixes things up with her colorful style.

Quinn runs both her blog and is venturing out into a Youtube channel.

“I want my Youtube channel to be a new space for me to interact with people who maybe don’t read blogs because they live videos!” Quinn said.

Many bloggers are expanding to create more content through video outlets like Youtube and even Snapchat. With a rise in video content bloggers like Quinn are keeping with these ever changing trends.

Color Me Courtney’s Youtube channel features fashion and beauty related videos.

As a full time blogger Quinn has had amazing opportunities in the fashion industry. This past month Quinn was invited to attend shows at New York Fashion Week.

This year Quinn decided to go to shows that she was really excited about. She used these opportunities to connect with fellow bloggers and celebrate the brands and what they’ve created.

More and more designers are inviting fashion bloggers to their runway shows. With the rise of blogger influence the industry is reacting by making them a key to their New York Fashion Week crowd.

Quinn’s favorite part of Fashion Week is getting all dressed up and seeing the new trends and collections. Also, she loves connecting with people that she hasn’t met in person.

So much of my job happens behind a computer, so it’s really refreshing to take things offline!” she said.

A special shout out to Courtney for answering my questions! Her blog is one of my absolute favorites so be sure to check her out!! 

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