Monday, April 25, 2016

Finals Week Tips

Finals are every college student's worse nightmare. From late nights studying to summer being so close yet so far finals week is the worst week of the semester. Luckily, this semester I only have two actual exams. Besides that I have one more major project to turn in, articles for my journalism class, a group presentation, and a small paper standing in-between me and summer. So, what are my go-to study tips? Here are a few things I do to prepare myself for finals..... 

  1. Start studying early. Right now I have one study guide for a final that is in the first week of May. It may seem super early to start studying, but it's not. If you start studying now the week before the test will be a breeze. In my opinion, the longest part about studying is creating the study guide. So, if you create the study guide earlier then you can just look over it and memorize the material. In addition, if you have questions on the material you have time to track down your professor or as a friend whose taken the class before. 
  2. Study by yourself. Personally, studying with friends distracts me to no end. Some people it works better for them to study in a group. For me I like taking some time and studying by myself. Find a quiet place in the library, your dorm, or at a coffee shop and spend some of your study time by yourself. This way you can be separated from your friends and really get stuff done. 
  3. Take breaks. Studying for 12 hours straight is just not fun. Also, you need to give yourself time to digest the information you are studying. Take a quick 30 min to grab lunch, coffee, or watch a Youtube video to take a break. 
  4. Sleep is key. I've never been the type to pull all nighters. If you can that's great, but sleep is also important. Schedule your time so you can study all day and actually sleep at night. Your body will thank you. 
  5. Remember the end is in sight. Finals week can feel like an eternity. But, just remember after your done it's SUMMER! 
What are your tips for finals week? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Hi, Miranda! I'm totally with you on the sleep thing. I NEED my sleep! Thanks for the other tips. :) XO, Sarah | |

  2. I'm glad someone agrees! Thanks for reading :)