Monday, April 4, 2016

Surviving a Busy Week

This week is about to be the busiest week of the semester! With The Fashion Show in full swing, class, meetings, interviews, and more I am in for a long week. But, this isn't the first time that my schedule has been insanely crazy. So, here are a few tips that I have to balance all of your time commitments when you're having a busy week...  

  1. Stay organized: Write all of your assignments, meetings, and obligations in your planner or on a to-do list. If you have everything written down you can go back and check that you aren't missing anything! I am a big believer in to-do lists because they keep me super organized. 
  2. Keep calm: When I am super busy I usually get flustered and super stress. Take some time each night, even if you are super busy, to relax and unwind. If you don't allow yourself to relax a little bit you will probably go crazy! 
  3. Stay motivated: During a busy weeks it's hard to stay motivated to do all of the tasks you may need to get done. But, just remember that you can do it! 
Due to my busy week there won't be as many posts! But, after this week is over I'll be back with exciting new spring content on Sew Cute Style! 

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  1. Great tips! Good luck with your busy week!

    Rachel |