Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sew Cute Holiday: Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking stuffers are sometimes tricky, but here are a few quick and easy ideas on what to stock those stockings with this Christmas..... 
  1. Necklace or small jewelry piece: Pick up any cute dainty jewelry pieces and put them in a tiny pouch. Jewelry makes cute little gifts that can easily be personalized. Not to mention you can find dainty jewelry practically anywhere from Target, Forever 21, to Nordstrom. 
  2. Fuzzy socks: Pick up a pair or two from Target for a cozy simple gift. 
  3. Gift cards: Whether it is to their favorite restaurant or store, gift cards are a simple way to let them pick out their own gift! 
  4. Notepad or stationery: I love stationery! Stuff a stocking with fun pencils, a cute notepad, or a fancy pen for a simple but useful gift. 
  5. Shooters: Shopping for someone 21+? Fill their stocking with their favorite booze in miniature form. 
  6. Candy: Candy is a no brainer. Pick up whoever you are shopping for's favorite candy to complete their stocking. 

What are your favorite stocking stuffer ideas? Let me know in the comments! 

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