Friday, March 3, 2017

Dose of Disney: What to Pack

My Disney trip is quickly approaching, I leave this coming Friday, so I have been planning out my outfits for my trip! Packing for Disney can be challenging so, I'm going to walk you through some of my tips on what to pack for your Disney trip! 

Walking shoes | Disney requires miles on miles of walking. Although looking sandals are a more fashionable choice at times, I highly recommend packing sneakers like Keds, Converse, or Nikes for the parks. Save your sandals for Disney Springs or a night out for a nice dinner. 

Sunscreen | As a pale person sunscreen is always necessary! Pack a mini travel size in your park bag for easy application. 

Backpack or crossbody | I usually bring a cross body bag or a backpack to the parks. My last trip I took my Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack and it was super convient. Either use your school bag or a smaller backpack to keep your hands free for taking photos and Snapchats! Or, I also love using Le Sportsac cross body bags. I have one from an old It's A Small World collection that is super cute! Disney has a ton of collabs for purses, specifically with Le Sportsac.

Water bottle | Bringing a re-usable water bottle saves on buying water bottles at the park! 

Outfits for each day | Before I head for Disney I always plan what I'm going to wear. I pull out all of my Disney tees and Lilly items and decide what I'm going to wear at each park. For Magic Kingdom I usually wear shorts just because you are getting in and out of so many rides. While Epcot or any of the other parks you could get away with a dress or skirt because you aren't going on as many rides throughout the day. I always like to bring extra outfits as well. Florida weather is known to be unpredictable. So, bring jeans or long pants even if you think it'll be warm! We went in December a lot the past few years and sometimes it was gorgeous and other times we were wearing gloves, hats, scarves, and we're bundled up. Plan accordingly! 

Sweatshirt or jacket | This goes along with my last point, Florida weather is unpredictable. Print a hooded sweatshirt or jacket to throw in your backpack. At night it can get chilly. So, come prepared for your late night firework shows! 

Rain ponchos or rain jacket | At some point at Disney it usually always rains. Animal Kingdom is notorious for always raining while we are there! Keep a folded rain poncho or rain jacket in your bag if there is a possible chance of rain. Umbrellas are helpful too, but are sometimes hard to navigate with crowds. 

Portable charger | While I'm at Disney I am always taking a ton of pictures and snaps. Bring a portable phone charger in case your phone dies at the parks! 

Disney accessories | I have been getting super into Disney accessories and clothing. Be sure to pack your favorite Minnie or Mickey ears, Disney pins, and Disney tees with you! Of course you can wear these any day of the year. But, obviously you want to sport your favorite gear at the parks. In the picture above I'm showing off my Sail Bows ears I picked up to perfectly match one of my Lilly dresses. I also picked up a pair of 3D printed ears at Aloha Ears Design. They have become super popular and I am so glad I snagged a pair of the castle ears!

What do you pack for your Disney trip? Let me know in the comments! 

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