Monday, March 20, 2017

Dose of Disney: Why I love Disney as a young adult

So many people tease me about loving Disney as a 21-year-old adult. But, I don't care. Disney is something I have loved and cherished all of my life. Whether that be the movies, the parks, or the characters. My entire life Disney has been there. From watching the movies with my brother and Papa, to going to the parks with my family, to going on Disney cruises and making amazing friends Disney is something that is important to me. 

If you don't like Disney that is totally okay. But, why diss on people who do? As a "young adult" who loves Disney, I'm someone who loves being a kid. 

Disney World brings me to a place of happiness. Disney cruises gives me an opportunity to escape the real world and just have fun. Disney movies gives me a chance to have fun and be a kid. That is why I love Disney. Because it gives me the chance to forget all of my problems and just have fun. It reminds me of the little girl who loved playing dress up in Disney princess dresses and carried around a 101 Dalmatians purse. Disney reminds me of simpler times.

With the world we live in I think everyone could use a little magic and happiness, and Disney does that for me. So, the next time you diss on someone who is going on vacation to Disney world or says they are way to excited for the Beauty and the Beast movie release (because let's be honest we are all excited) remember what Disney means to people like us.

Do you love Disney? Let me know why in the comments! 

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