Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dose of Disney: Jackets to wear to Disney

Although Disney World is in sunny Florida, it does cool down in the evenings. I've even been at Disney where I've needed multiple jackets and layers! Then again, I'm always cold but minor details here people.... So, today I'm going over my favorite jackets and layers to wear to Disney!

First up, popovers. Popovers are great because you can easily take them on and off as the temperature might change. With a half zip design you can pull it off much easier then a hoodie or other kind of sweatshirt! I love Pretty Little Monograms or The Blonde Ruby for these! They both have adorable designs that are monogrammed so it adds a personal touch. Shep Shirts are a great alternative. I wore a fleece Shep Style popover on my last trip and it was great for early mornings. At one point it was as cold as 40 degrees! When it gets that cool in the morning or at night on your trip it's important to wear and have layers. As the days would warm up I would take off layers and put them in my backpack for safe keeping. 

Next up is a classic crewneck sweatshirt. I prefer crewneck sweatshirts over hoodies because they are less bulky. I wore a fun crewneck from Disneyland Paris on my last trip to Disney for a full day because it was so chilly! Be sure to pack at least one sweatshirt or popover, or plan on buying one at the park once you get there. Shop Disney or inside the parks have so many different options for crewnecks. Pro tip: I always buy a small size in men's! They have more of a looser fit vs. a true ladies cut sweatshirt. 

Rain jackets are also a must at Disney. If you want to ditch the plastic poncho I recommend a Pretty Little Monogram rain jacket. For Flower & Garden she had an adorable lavender rain jacket that I picked up, and I'm obsessed! She uses Charles River brand which is a great quality rain jacket. I had one that had my sorority letters embroidered on it and it was great, but this one is even better then that one! In the past I would wear my old sorority jacket, but now I can bust out my adorable Minnie monogrammed rain jacket. 

Lastly, I love brining a denim jacket to the parks. It gives you a layer, but you can still be cute. Obviously there are a TON of denim jackets out there. I personally love J. Crew's or J. Crew Factory's denim jackets. But, there are loads out there and chances are you already have one! If you want to add a Disney touch to your denim jacket add fun Disney patches or pins to flair up the look. 

What jackets or layers do you bring to Disney? Let me know in the comments below! 

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