Monday, April 23, 2018

Gal Meets Glam Collection Favorites! + My Launch Experience

Margaret | Riley | Courtney | Hanna 
 Emma | Ellie | Helen 

The Gal Meets Glam Collection launched Friday and I was so excited! Julia has been one of my favorite bloggers for some time and her feminine style is perfection. She is one of those people you can count on to always look beautiful, classy, and put together all while remaining very fashionable. If you don't already follow Gal Meets Glam... what are you doing.. but actually go give her a follow! 

So here is the breakdown ladies, the Gal Meets Glam Collection is going to release new dresses every month! Just when you thought your wallet was safe... WRONG. But, it is so worth it because these dresses are drop dead gorgeous. I want basically all of them, but I settled for picking up two: the Ellie and the Riley from this collection. But, there is a little back story to this... 

Julia is hosting 3 VIP events one in San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago baby! Naturally, I was totally jazzed that Chicago was getting something so cool and fabulous. We don't always get fun events like this BUT we got this one! Julia will be at the Chicago Nordstrom downtown on May 17th. You can see her blog for full details! Any who, there were 30 spots to gain access to a special VIP meet and greet that would be more intimate and small before the general meet and greet event. To gain access to the VIP meet and greet you had to be one of the first 30 people to purchase a dress from the downtown Nordstrom location. So here I am thinking oh that's not to bad I'll just show up at the store when it opens go try on a few dresses and be on my way. Well, I was wrong..... 

I got to Nordstrom around 9:25 to 9:30 ish... 30 min before opening. There was already a line forming at the main entrance inside of the mall. I sat down at a table and pulled out my laptop to do some work while I waited. Girls were talking while they were standing in line about reserving dresses and all of this stuff and I'm like uhhhh what? I didn't reserve anything I just thought I could show up and be like hi I'd like a dress. Honestly I started to stress (I know over a dress get your ish together Miranda). Then I realized I could just buy a dress now and always exchange it for a different dress at a different store if I needed to. That was my plan of attack going in. At about 9:50 ish (I wanna say) the gate lifted and there was a mad dash into the store. I was walking next to another Gal Meets Glam fan and I asked "Should we run I don't know what to do???!". Then we started to jog then it turned into a run through the damn department store. Up 2 escalators we went to the 3rd floor and we dashed across the sales floor to the back end of the store. 

People were grabbing dresses every which way and I was trying to find the dresses I had my eye on, but of course there was no 0 or 00 in sight. Not even a 2! Girls were already lining up to purchase their dresses to get their VIP meet and greet spot. So I grabbed a 4 and headed to the cash register. I will say the associates were very attentive and dealt with our shit so thank ya ladies! I was checked out within 5 min or so and got my name on the list. Boom, mission accomplished. Not going to lie I was for sure out of breath, I didn't know I had to work out before this excursion. 

Long story short: I got the VIP meet and greet, but I didn't get a dress in my size. I literally walked out of Nordstrom pulled up Gal Meets Glam Collection's website on my phone and ordered 2 dresses in my size that were still in stock on her site. If it hadn't been for the VIP event, I probably would have done that from the get go. However, I really wanted to get to go to the event so I'd say it was worth it. With such a fast past event it took me all of 15 min due to the running and frantic grabbing. 

The dresses are available in many Nordstrom locations,, plus the Gal Meets Glam Collection site! Be sure to shop while this months dresses are still here, there are still a lot of sizes and styles left so go take a peek. Based on the quality of the dresses I saw at Nordstrom they are a great price for the craftsmanship on these beauties. 

Are you planning on purchasing any dresses from the collection? Let me know in the comments below! 

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