Monday, August 20, 2018

Dose of Disney: Dapper Day 2018

It's been months since Dapper Day but better late then ever to share my Boo from Monster's Inc Disneybound for spring Dapper Day 2018! 

If you don't know, Dapper Day is a day dedicated to dressing up, usually vintage inspired, at the parks. During spring Dapper Day I found so many park goers dressed to the nines in gorgeous dresses, pill box hats, and more! With much delight I was living my best life. 

I chose Boo because Monsters Inc. is my favorite movie and she is just so darn adorable. And I like to think I resemble her in some ways. Making this outfit was super easy. I already had the pink dress from a Lauren James sale, which cost me all of $15. Then I already had the purple little lace socks, Keds, and Boo pin. Only thing left was my purple fascinator, which I found on Amazon for all of $10. Then bam, my Dapper Day look was made. 

Most people spend hundreds of dollars creating their Dapper Day look. Mine proves you can look in your closet and find pieces that will probably work with just about any Disneybound idea you have! Add a few accessories here and there and your look is complete. 


The Hub Grass was crawling with people dressed in Dapper Day fare, there was even a fun vintage photo op with a Main Street fire truck. I wandered around all around the park taking photos in my perfectly dapper look. 

My little Sulley bag is from Tokyo Disney. This little guy was the perfect cherry on top for my look. It may be little but this purse is way to cute not to bust out. 

Tomorrowland was the perfect backdrop for this look. If only we were in DCA and had the perfect Boo door wall. *sigh* Monsters Inc is seriously underrepresented in the parks and I'm so sad about it. The Laugh Floor just isn't enough people! Well, maybe some day I'll get to Disneyland and see all the Pixar appreciation going on. 

From purple wall old and new I did it all in this look. I found this fun little galactic style wall in Tomorrowland. Why have I never taken photos here before? I'm kind of digging it. 

Cruising on by Tomorrowland Speedway like..... I never rode this ride but my brother loved it as a kid. I'm super excited for when this gets turned into Tron. I'm all about the rollercoasters! 

Where it's from: 
Dress: Lauren James 
Pin: Disney Parks (super old) 
Shoes: Keds 
Sully bag: Tokyo Disney via Ballpensandetc on Instagram 
Fascinator: Amazon  (under $10!)
Socks: Topshop

What is your dream Dapper Day look? Let me know in the comments! 

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