Friday, August 10, 2018

What I'm Currently Watching

Today, I'm sharing some things I've been watching and seeing this summer..... 


Jane the Virgin | I've been in a Netflix rut, aka me re-watching the same 5 shows over and over again. My boyfriend and I started Jane the Virgin and I have to say I am into it. The story is funny and ironic and overall a good easy show to watch and enjoy! We're still on season 1, so we'll see how it goes from here.

The Office | I'm rewatching The Office because I have no self control. No explanation necessary, right?

Parks and Recreation | I also was re-watching Parks & Rec this summer because it's just amazing. Also preppy for the new craft show coming to NBS with none other then Ron Swanson.

Baby Ballroom | I started watching this show on my plane ride home from a work trip and I'm kind of obsessed. Little British kids who can cha cha and waltz, sign me up. Low key putting my kids in ballroom if they dance so it's basically a glimpse into my future. 


Tag | Recently, my boyfriend and I invested in a MoviePass, which for $10 a month gets you into movies in select movie theaters! I have to say this card is such a steal if you live in a city like Chicago. We break even just after seeing one movie per month. One of our recent movies was Tag. The commercials made this look like an awesome comedy! I would say it was good, but not awesome. It had an amazing cast, some of my favorites actually. But, it was kind of slow moving and the main plot line is them trying to get one guy in a game of tag. Funny, but nothing crazy. I would wait to get it on Redbox if you haven't seen it! 

Oceans 8 | Another movie I was really excited about was Oceans 8. First off, holy cast list! So many amazing women in this movie. Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock are my girllllls let me tell you. Any-who, if you love Vogue, the Met Gala, and jewels you will love this movie. If you are looking for a true action movie, this ain't it. This movie is surprisingly more of a chick flick. I personally enjoyed it because I have knowledge on the Met Gala, Vogue, etc. However, if you don't you may not like it. 

Incredibles 2 | Most likely my favorite movie of the summer was Incredibles 2. WOW. Just wow. If you're like me you've been waiting for this sequel for the past 14 years. This movie is pleasing everyone my age and beyond! I don't want to give to much away, but it was for sure worth the wait. I love how the combined the kids and the parents in this film. Jack Jack is also adorable and deserves all the attention he is getting after this film! 


The Bachelorette | We all love it, it's Bachelorette season. I of course am watching this season, as I have watched every season since the 5th grade. This season isn't my favorite. I'm was so over the Chris side story and some of the drama. But, I do think Becca had some great guys. There are 4-5 that I would be happy with her choosing, so thats good! Unlike most seasons I normally only care for one. These guys, for the most part, just seem like good every day guys. That's what I like to see ABC. I won't spoil anything in case you still need to catch up on this week's finale!

So You Think You Can Dance | Again, I've been watching SYTYCD since season one. As a former dancer I love dance reality TV shows. Last season of SYTYCD ended up being my favorite season ever. I loved all of the contestants so I'm excited to get to see the top 10 compete this season! 

World of Dance | Another great dance show is World of Dance. Their first season last summer was so gooooood. I am team Eva Igo!! Les Twins robbed her and I'm still salty about it. But, I'm happy she's back for season 2 but no spoilers if she moved on.... So many talented groups and individuals on this show. Most times I find myself totally immersed in these groups performances. Breathtaking comes to mind!

The Last Defense | I've been watching this new ABC show on demand recently and I'm into it. If you are a fan of shows like Making a Murder it is a similar concept. Going through the details of a murder that one mother is accused of. These shows always interest me, and the court cases behind them. Maybe it is my inner Elle Woods in me that loves a good trial.  

The Proposal | Let's be honest, this show is so stupid. But, I CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT! I can't look away. Why?? I'm not sure, but as stupid and silly as it is damn it's funny and entertaining. The last episode I watched a girl who was a senior in damn college got engaged, like m'am what are you doing on this show? To each their own I guess!

What shows/ movies should I watch next? Let me know in the comments! 

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