Monday, May 20, 2019

Dose of Disney: That's the Spirit

To be honest, I am Spirit Jersey obsessed. Maybe it is the inner sorority girl in me, but I love that Disney is on a Spirit Jersey kick. I've bought a Spirit Jersey basically every trip since they have come out. This go around I picked up a few new Spirit Jerseys to add to the collection. 

The latest and greatest color craze to come to Disney is potion purple and I am so here for it. As I've mentioned before I am all about purple! This is probably purple overload with the purple Spirit Jersey, ears, and the famous Purple Wall but no shame. I told you I was here for the purple moment! 

The thing I love about Spirit Jerseys is that they are a long sleeve but are heavier then your average t-shirt. So they are kind of a happy medium between a crewneck sweatshirt and a long sleeve tee. Plus they are a little oversized so they are uber comfortable. I wear them all the time around the house, that work from home life has its perks. If you've never bought a Spirit Jersey, I recommend picking one up on your next trip! They are a great souvenir that you can wear in and outside of the parks. 

Where it's from:
Shirt: Spirit Jersey from Disney Parks 
Jeans: Ann Taylor 
Sneakers: Nike from Nordstrom 
Ears: Disney Parks 
Necklace: Ever After Jewelry Co. at Disney Springs 
Location: The Purple Wall @ Magic Kingdom

What color do you want to see in Disney's next Spirit Jersey and ear combo? Let me know in the comments! 

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