Friday, May 17, 2019

Trend Alert: Headbands

My inner Blair Waldorf is screaming over this headband trend! To be honest, I never stopped wearing headbands. I've always been all about a great hair accessory! My favorite headband to date is a Miu Miu headband I picked up in a vintage shop in Milan. 

With a new trend always comes the high end versions vs. the dupes. I am simply in love with these pearl encrusted headbands I see on so many bloggers, but I'm just not sure I can spend $150 on a headband you know.... But, let's be honest I will probably end up getting it because it really is that gorgeous! In the meantime check out all of these headband options that range in all different price points! Most of them are under $50! Some of them are great options in the $20 range as well. I'm all about going with the trends, but you have to choose how you want to invest in trends. When it comes to the headband trend I say save over splurge! 

Some other save options include these headband packs I found on Amazon! Both of these headband packs are under $15!! Such a great deal to get a ton of different color knot headbands: 

Are you a fan of the headband trend? Where are my fellow Blair fans at? Let me know in the comments! 

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